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Saiyuki - Beat up Sanzo

Eh, decided to pop annother one of these up here, this time Sanzo by himself, after some sort of rough fight... thing..
I like it, he's pretty!

This was done as a lineart on paper, then colored in oC 1.1..
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Totally a fan of Sayuki!
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It looks so epic and dramatically
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very nice. i love that he's all bloody, yet really sexy at the same time. ^_^
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good pic-are you the same person as jibii? Oo[link]
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Nice detail work. I know how that feels all to well.
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Oh my goodddd!!!!!i fell in love with sanzo!!!!!!>////<
you've done a very excellent work!!!!!
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Ahhhh, MY FAV BISHOUNEN!This makes me wanna -no need to say. Awesome, he looks so sexy covered in blood. I am not sadomasochistc. Am I? Interesting question...
SANZO-KUN!!! (gets shot)
Shit. You can't do much important stuff like drooling over bishounen when you're dead.
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Oh my God I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS drawing! Your style doing fanart from Saiyuki is just great! you do the lines so much like Kazuya Minekura ^^ I have seen you whole gallery and I love it, I'm watching you!

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Gaa! Sanzo-kun! *comforts and then dodges flying bullets*
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Poor Sanzo...*goes and cleans him up* Awsome job on this :heart: He still looks smexy ne? ;p
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OMG! Poor Sanzo, what did you do to him? I know he is usually a jerk, but it just makes me want to hug him. Then he would shot me.
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Amazing! :clap:
Especially the rips in the clothing look great
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I have an OC, Cat (see gallery) and I think she's gonna end up with Sanzo. I fangirl over him too much. Anyway . . . *grabs Sanzo away and starts treating wounds*
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love it i like it a lot def. a :+fav:
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