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First Heat Guy J piece

Had a lot of fun doing this piece, as I enjoy the series a great deal and I enjoy working in Open Canvas.. Took me about 8 hours but I think it was very well spent.. :)
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oh my! I have been looking for some heat guy j fan art. that's a great piece of work!
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just saw the finale on demand a few days ago great work!
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Oh and I'm especially happy you drew the bodyguards!!!
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Man, I really like how you drew this! The expressions and hands especially.
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YAY! Daisuke is like, my new fantasy boyfriend
i was introduced to the series after i got a dvd out of a grab-bag at kawakon
best six bucks i've ever spent
its is very good!
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This is amazing! Heat Guy J is awesome, and you captured that! Great job!
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I saw this anime its awesome
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Clair look like "I'm the bad" J
like ever :police:
Michael (is that he's name?) the bishonen boy
and Daisuke like "so fashion" :flirty:

Like the colors and the shadows
exelent details mainly in Giovanni's face
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Came out looking really good. : D
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This is excellent!! Not enough Heat Guy J pieces out there. ^^
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AWESOME!! I really like the way Claire looks. All big and bad like!:D
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