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August 13, 2010
although almost pitch black KGBeats : Xion Skin by ~uberdiablo-pixels is capable of easily drawing away your attention from anything else that's located on your desktop. you don't think so? well, try looking the other way and it will still catch you with all its subtlety.
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KGBeats : Xion Skin

A basic Xion skin I did so that I could understand how the Xion coding works.
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bonjour un tuto  pour faire playlist personnalisée serais bien.j'arrive à faire player avec des tutos vidéos j'aimerais bien me faire ma playlist
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download evil orb 2 (edited by mojtaba salehi)

Xion Player Evil Orb 2 (Edited skin)

direct: DOWNLOAD
deema78's avatar
Ahh, you made this, eh? And "basic"? Ha. I think it is my favorite Xion skin
graphomet's avatar
This skin isnt new?i have it some time now,cool skin ;-)
jesusxp1000's avatar
Muy bueno de Verdad
sari-inc's avatar
looks awesome! :thumbsup:
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curlycutie17's avatar
Awesome work. Its very beautiful.
mrkmhtet's avatar
Is this skin for Window Media Player? please let me know
ck5000's avatar
It says "Xion Skin" cant u read?
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CluelesssEvil's avatar
wow it looks soo good ^^
Veroka's avatar
I wish I could do such good graphics... Amazing job.
alex-xs's avatar
Very nice skin man ! great work ;)
JikaruTakhira's avatar
interesting button design, but I do feel it needs to be cleaned up a bit, and the preview is such low quality.
uberdiablo-pixels's avatar
Thanks for the crit. I will keep this in mind for future projects. =)
JikaruTakhira's avatar
scratch that I think it might be the computer im on. was one of the first I looked at and hadn't noticed that most of the previews look terrible. sorry...bad video card I guess...:D
SmarTramS's avatar
Dope lookin, nice!
uberdiablo-pixels's avatar
haha Tracked me down eh?

Thanks man. This was my first attempt with Xion.
Highlaj's avatar
Dont use Xion but great skin!
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