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It's been a while since I've posted a journal update about what's going on in my life, but I figure that more people are here for my artwork or SFM hacks than what's going down with me. :lol: But for those that keep in touch with my Twitter and Tumblr (which I post or am more active in), there's a lot of great things 2016 has brought me, and only as 2016 is basically a month away to wrapping up is when I really sort of sit back and realize "wow, I've come a long way". While I wish I could have had more time for personal projects, there was a lot of opportunities that were presented to me that I don't think I otherwise would have gotten if not for the support of everybody to help me keep doing what I love doing.

Here's a few of the opportunities, both Source Filmmaker and beyond, that I've had the pleasure to do that I haven't really had a chance to talk about:

PC Gamer commissioned me a while back for three Source Filmmaker splash artworks for their web-based podcast, The PC Gamer show, which covers a range of updates and events going on in the world of online video gaming. It was fun mixing and matching a bunch of characters from different games together in one place at one time, I don't usually do it very often but this was a good way to practice and see what sort of things were ported over to Source!

While Valve's iteration of competitive TF2 as well as their support for it is very questionable, the community's iteration of it that has long stood over trials and tribulations as the esports that paved way for many glorious opportunities. For DreamHack Summer, I did some Source Filmmaker animations and promotional material in a similar vein to DreamHack Winter & i55, as well as flew out to Jonkoping, Sweden to do photography and videography. Shame we were kicked out before the Grand Finals since we were in the Exhibition Hall. ;P

The Insomnia LAN series are no exception for competitive TF2's showcasing. This year me and :iconmoonlight109: teamed up again to do 100+ TF2 retextures and Source Filmmaker promtional work for i58's top Team Fortress 2 teams from all over the world, from America to Europe to even Australia! I also flew out there to Birmingham in the United Kingdom to help out with production, particularly videography with my co-photographers/video people, who absolutely helped me out during that time since it was a rough period and an uncertain LAN due to technical issues. 

The biggest SFM accomplishment for me this year was Blizzard Entertainment commissioning me for some Source Filmmaker posters for some cross-promotion work: the first was their Overwatch cups/headsets campaign with Taco Bell, and the second was for the release of the Warcraft movie. It was an absolute pleasure to collect some awesome people I knew to help me represent the SFM community for such a big game! At the time, the cease-and-desists were popping up for Source Filmmaker ports and I was also sorting those out too, so I'm glad that Blizzard has given their blessing on those! (The SFW ones, that is. I'm looking at you, SFMLab.)

TF2's biggest cancer charity livestream event, Tip of the Hats, brought me on again this year to do their Source Filmmaker promotional work, as well as pre-segment Source Filmmaker intros. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my SFM + modeling team, who I owe everything to. I also flew out to the live event in Chicago in the USA to perform SFM segments live with my SFM partner-in-crime and fellow TotH animator, Krunkidile. We tried out some new things this year such as show our animation workflow as well as had 10-minute speed SFM posters for donations. It's always a pleasure to help them and help One Step Camp; it's tough being reminded constantly of your disease but causes like this help kids remember they're the same as any other kid. Overall, Tip of the Hats has managed to raise half a million dollars for One Step Camp!

My roots are in graphic design before I started in SFM. I helped out with some commissioned website designs & branding for some esports organizations and teams such as i58's Full Tilt, as well as the overlays and scoreboards of's latest stream overlay from i58, and InSight Casts' stream overlay from our gig with iBUYPOWER a few months back. The gig landed a few of our casters and crew some work with some Overwatch communities, including our stream producer getting a gig at Blizzcon's Overwatch World Cup.

Done with TF2 yet? Not quite, and this might be my biggest project. :lol: I'm directing a Team Fortress 2 narrative called Ready Up: Competitive Team Fortress 2, a look into the esports side of TF2 and what trials and tribulations they needed to go through in order to achieve what they wanted, or what they attempted to achieve that seemed smaller in comparison to the bigger esports such as CS:GO and Overwatch. The project is being funded for and produced by, and is slated to be released mid-to-late 2017. We've traveled all around the world for this one including New York for ESL NYC, and California for Blizzcon. We've managed to get some wonderful interviews with so many great people, from journalist Sideshow and pro player/streamer Seagull of the Overwatch/TF2 scenes to ReDeYe, one of the biggest esports hosts & personalities for events such as Dota 2's The International.

While the Saxxy Awards 2016 this year might have come and gone as of recently, I've had the pleasure of working on a pilot for a Team Fortress 2 machinima series called Family Fortress with some massively talented people, including Krunkidile once again and a person I always have the pleasure of working with, :iconpy-bun:. We missed the deadline but the finished pilot episode, now no longer with a 5-minute cram limit, will be released either early 2017 or this December around the holiday season starring RED Team's off days out of the battlefield. Our team will do our best!

I also had the privilege of going out to California for Blizzcon to not only film interviews for the narrative, but support InSight Casts' producer doing some observing for the Overwatch World Cup! It was an amazing convention experience like no other, and it was awesome meeting everybody there, such as the other Overwatch observing crew (pictured right, yes that's Jeff Kaplan!), the Heroes of the Storm drafting admins and devs, and the Blizzard devs - particularly the one who had commissioned me in the first place for the Overwatch SFM work, who shook my hand and bought me a drink and made me feel right at home like never before. The experience I had there was nothing short of welcoming and touching, and I felt happy to finally meet these people and see how much they invest into their craft.  

- - - - -

It's crazy how far I've come. deviantArt was the first community sharing site next to Tumblr that helped me get started. A lot of people know me as that person who does Source Filmmaker crap - and to be honest, I'm okay with that. I would love to do more and plan to do more because I don't think it'll last forever. There's a lot more graphic design, concept art, and videography/photography that I really want to do. But it's kind of surreal when I sit back and really think about it. There's been times people have asked me if I was too blind to see my journey would end sticking with Team Fortress 2 and Source Filmmaker crap. And to be honest? I don't see my journey ending anytime soon; I only see it beginning. I cannot believe myself that so much has come my way from starting off as a TF2 SFM artist - but I don't bullshit around. I do my best no matter what the medium, and I'm always grateful when even the biggest names in the world can see that, considering those two things have gotten me to where I am as I expand upon new horizons.

Thank you to everybody once again who has followed my journey this far as well. I work hard at what I do, I hope people like what I do, and I'm glad that up until now, people are supporting what I do. Thank you very much, and I wouldn't have gotten this far without your guys' kind words and thoughts. :hug:
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Ever since God said "let there be light", humans and hair have co-existed together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Witcher promo items for TF2 attacked.

It's no secret to people who have kept up with me that my biggest gripe with the Hero's Tail is how it's basically overly detailed for a TF2 hat, or TF2 hair. It literally looks as though they took Geralt's hair off his model, re-positioned and scaled it a little to fit Scout's tiny head, and called it done. I just do not like it. However, a lot of people do like it or are indifferent to it. Some people even say that it was the only option they had that matched what they wanted - that there were not enough hair options around to change that. (By extension - pun fully intended - the Brutal Bouffant is a very overused hair model due to how it's long hair. It's not modeled very well, not textured very well, it doesn't have any bones, and it looks like a banana when you paint it yellow.)

Today's journal is not only a downwards spiral into using more TF2 bases for your OCs, but an offering of alternate hairdos - not only Scout hair, but everybody's hair. I basically sat down, scoured the TF2/SFM/GMod workshop, Gamebanana,, the Emporium, and TF2Mods for a bunch of wigs to slap onto your OC do not steal's head. I also looked outside of the TF2 spectrum for some other wigs to slap onto your characters. 

Now, as for the Hero's Tail itself: you can keep using it. By all means, I could tell people to stop using it - that's ultimately my opinion. I can't exercise authority over anybody no matter how much I dislike what they're doing (unless it's illegal). Simply because I don't like it (and probably never will) or don't encourage the use of it (also probably will never do this unless it's under freedom of choice), doesn't mean it's a mandatory warrant for you to stop using it. If you feel like it fits better than any of the hair provided, then keep doing what you're doing. 

The closest thing on this list to the Hero's Tail is the Lara Locks. It is by no means perfect and it will require you to move the bangs a little forward or down because it's meant to not fit heads, but it does come with a ponytail. If you are inept with Blender magic like I am because I ragequit on the cube, then with some clever rescaling you could use only the ponytail while using different bangs:

This is part of learning how to recycle assets into different purposes. For more exercises with that, check out the Honey Toast Challenge.
Here's some personal examples of wigs I've utilized in various ways, whether straight or with some tricks and turns:



1st Row L>R: Lara's Locks, Teenage Dream, Miku's short pigtails.
2nd Row L>R: Teenage Dream rotated + Master's Yellow Belt. Teenage Dream on proper, but with 2nd one as hairbun.
3rd Row L>R: Meatball Head; reskin on the buns, pigtails moved up, tiara clipped behind forehead. Meatball Head + Brutal Bouffant bangs. Lara Locks + Meatball Head. Miku's long hair.

This list will be updated regularly with whatever I manage to find that’s downloadable. Most of these will need to be hexed, see this for how2do. Give these items an upvote too on the workshop if you like 'em. Feel free to help contribute to the list! 

LAST UPDATE: December 23, 2017. Happy Holidays!

Link To List:…

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Insomnia 55!

Welcome to Team Fortress 2. After 8 years after release, who plays this game better - North America, or Europe?

Posters Designed by: :iconmoonlight109:

It’s that time of the year again. The name of the game is Team Fortress 2, and the format is 6v6 - at an intercontinental level. With a prize pool of up to 4 - 5 digits, top ESEA Invite teams Froyotech and Ascent are flying in from North America to tackle on Europe’s top premiership teams - Reason Gaming, nerdRage, and The Last Resort. 

Will Froyotech prove dominant and return as Insomnia champions, or will Ascent finally show Froyotech who the real NA kings are? However, what if the throne belongs to one of the EU teams? One thing’s for certain - we’re in for some good video games this weekend.

Catch us starting 4:00 PM BST / 11:00 AM EST @ weekend, August Friday 28th - Sunday 30th! 

Want to know more about each team, for curiosity’s sake or for considering your matches carefully for Teamfortresstv’s Alkaline has an article written up for you on power rankings + full roster breakdowns right here!

Mad props to Scurvy for the reskinning work as well as the promotional posters! Mad props also to Liz and Jas for helping design concept art for the Reason Gaming and nerdRage jerseys that’ll debut at this year’s i55 TF2 livestream tournament. These ladies did an awesome job and it was great working with them! 

I’ll be flying out this week to do some visual media work as well as some on-site animations for some SFM stuff. Tune in to the stream this weekend to see all your favourite players or some good video games! :D

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Some of you may have seen this on my Tumblr as well as my Youtube, it's long overdue for a dA journal:

A while back, I remember watching Imagine Dragon’s “Warriors” promotional MV for the 2014 LoL World Championship. I thought it was neat in terms of how their videos like Road to the Cup and Warriors were produced and weaved together for that hype factor. I wanted to do a video like that for TF2: ridiculous as all hell, but awesome enough to get people excited. A few weeks ago when it was still then and it still felt out-of-nowhere, Season 18 of ESEA's Invite TF2 league rolled around with LAN right around the corner, and after picking a song and a theme - as well as a week of hard work and sleep deprivation - me, Dashner and Airon managed to put together our secret LAN intro video.


Complete with mildly self-aware lampshading about the sheer amount of cutting edginess that the whole plot contained, the video revolves around the theme of how TF2 is struggling - but not dying. Even though there’s a lot of familiar faces disappearing or choosing to hang up their hats and put away their guns, that doesn’t mean the game is gone. People come and go and it’s disheartening - if you choose to fight, then fight as hard as you can. Back your team up, support them through times when it seems tough, learn as much as you can, and aim for better. 

Here's the Behind-the-Scenes B&A video of how the above SFM sequences worked: 

Thanks to everybody who liked the intro when it debuted at LAN, I felt like I was at a rock concert! Best of luck to all the Invite teams to fight for the top. Thanks to Dashner for rendering + editing it all together and helping me through it all when I was pressed for time, thanks to Beater for finding the frag ticks that Dashner needed for the sweet frag montage, thanks to Airon (who I’ve worked with on Jewel Escapade) for providing the awesome sound mixing, and thanks to Mana for providing the first cut of the Great Divide. Thanks to tsc for getting me in the production crew in the first place; I’ve enjoyed doing cool things to help out since S17. Also, massive gg to Gecks and Getawhale for their voices; they’ve come so far as casters, we’re glad to have you on board and we’d love to see you make your way to the top. 

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The Honey Toast Challenge!

Somebody once noticed that the map designer who made Kong King created a bench using two benches instead of making a separate model. A few people thought it was lazy; others recognized it as a creative use of repurposing models and using what you have to make what you need rather than model it and take up more memory or time. 

I don’t know how to model, so I do that a lot in Source Filmmaker: I stare at a model meant for a hat, and I ask myself: “can I use this as something other than a hat?” This makes for elaborate outfits and models, often with a little bit of reskinning as well as some VMT/VTF tricks. I want you guys to try it too. The SFM Honey Toast Challenge will be my challenge to you for practicing rebuilding props that you have or can find around, without having to be forced to model something just to get what you need.

Wait, what is going on here even.

Shibuya Honey/Brick Toast is a popular dessert from Japan that’s become popular in parts of Korea and Taiwan. It’s usually made out of brioche bread with the inside cut up into cubes, buttered and toasted, and then layered with honey, then garnished with fruits, sauces, ice cream and whatever fulfills one’s desires. This is a stack of bread, but with cheating angles as well as models, you can make something that looks good. I’ve made mine with honey, green tea ice cream, chocolate pirouline wafer straws, some strawberries and oranges and a dollop of whipped cream.

Are you telling me I craved blood and brainslugs?

In actuality other than the fruit models, I used:

  • A rigged and reskinned Triboniophorus Tyrannus for ice cream + honey drip from the SFM Workshop
  • A reskinned cupcake model clipping into the toast for whipped cream from an MLP prop pack
  • Reskinned blood pools for the flat honey on the toast and plate from the SFM Beta files
  • Reskinned soda straws as the pirouline straws from somewhere on the GMod workshop

Let’s see how you make your honey toast, and how well you can think outside the box! I want you to dress up these three slices of toast with whatever props you can find, whether TF2 or third-party. You can use food props or reskin things into food, but ultimately you wanna try to work with things that you might not even consider food. You’re encouraged to learn how to use override materials, how to reskin VTFs, how to edit the VMTs with strings like $envmap and $phongboost, while asking yourself these questions:

  • If I colour or change the material values of this item, how will it look?
  • If I take these jigglebones and stretch/shrink them, will it make this shape?
  • Can I take this and use it in a completely different way if I use this part/angle of it?
If you SFM folk are ever stuck on what to do for the challenge or how to design your toast, you can always use reference photos! Please source them if you do e.g. Photos are from [x[x]. (It’s also recommended to source the models you use if possible, but it’s fine if you don’t remember where you got them.)

Make sure to credit the photos!

Here's two I made from reference photos as an example. The first seems to be a strawberry cream mix (I used a coin recoloured with brown for a chocolate disc), the second is a chocolate Reese cups medley (I used resized rock piles for the chocolate and chopped nuts).

If you guys wanna try it out and post it up, let me know! Tag your exercises as honeytoastchallenge on deviantArt or tag me in your upload, and I’ll come take a look at what confectioner craving you’ve created, as well as if you learned anything new from it or if it was good practice! 

DMX File Download is HEREYou will have camera1 as your main angle, two lights, and the bread models ready since they’re TF2 files. You will need to put a plate/tray under the toast yourself. Feel free to use additional angles or lights!

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The passing of kitty0706 and UltimotePictures has left a good handful of the SFM/GMod community in a state of shock, disbelief - sadness. For those of us who were fans more than friends, it hits us hard and we offer our condolences to the people they were closest to. But with these sad times, there will always be good memories.

Kitty0706's Passing:…
Ultimote's Passing:…

Almost a good majority of his “Moments with Heavy” videos were my favourites from Kitty. Shit, I remember looking up his SFM experimental video a month back. Those videos were mine and my brother’s favourites way back whenever. They're probably the Gmod videos I remember the most when I think back to the glory days. I literally showed my boyfriend "Heavy Goes Bowling" only a few days ago, and we were laughing because we knew we could never make anything as funny or that fucking good. Kitty also knew how to do other things than what he was most famous for - truth be told, I didn’t watch them as much. I might go back to them, but I feel angry that I have to go back and see what else he dabbled into after his death. It’s gut-wrenching to hear he lost the battle (that I didn’t even know about until now). 

Ultimote's creativity was flourishing. In the past after seeing some comments he made on Youtube that were blunt to say the least, my impression of him was a little uncertain. However, I didn't know him so I can't judge. I'm not gonna pretend I knew him or Kitty but I was fans of their work. And Ultimote had really cool stuff. I loved Sniper and the Holy Piss, I was looking forward to the sequel. Sky Fortress was a really neat AU video concept. Also, he had the best god damn Sonic SFM posters. You cannot convince me otherwise. We both followed each other on here (I didn't even know he was following my stuff) and his stuff was super damn cool. I'm pretty sure he was the reason why I hunted down Plasmid's Femscout and began using that as an alternate choice other than AyesDyef's Femscout.

Rest in peace, you two. I’m sure I can speak for a good handful of the SFM and GMod community that our hearts are with all of you and the souls that have passed. You did great work, and whether or not we all liked it, we can at least respect and admire your dedication, and offer our condolences go to you and those you worked with, those you was friends and family with. 

This song was made by Ken Ashcorp way back in the day as a double-tribute to Gurren Lagann, as well as Edd. When I hear this, I also think of these two SFM/GMod artists who have left us with some hilarious and incredible creative pieces for us to enjoy, to marvel at, to wonder what the hell we've watched - to acknowledge that they've done great things that we all aspire to do at one point or another even if we have made content ourselves.

"Words of Wisdom from an animator With Leukemia", written by kitty0706 before his transplant:…
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Everybody remember this?
War is Over. by uberchain
Well, I've finished animating it this year. Happy New Year, everybody!
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Let's face it: some us don't like TFoP's Fempyro and the thousand and one fixes/tweaks/butt enhancements it received. And some of us do. Some of us think it's pointless to have a Fempyro model when Pyro is supposed to be gender ambiguous as it is. Some of us are angry at the model, some of us are angry at how the model is being exploited, and some of us are just angry ass human beings when it comes to Fem Fortress classes. I don't give a shit about any of this right now because I want to show you another choice you have next to these choices as to what model you choose to use.

After a lot of response from the public about how much they wanted to see this Fempyro happen, we're gonna go straight back to basics. This corset is nice and all, this swimsuit is pretty cool, but some of us want a Fempyro who:

1. Does not have overly-sized proportions from a Namco engine but retains some proportions.
2. Has a skin/outfit that looks closer to Pyro's and isn't glossy latex with a corset and a full-on zipper.
3. Is wearing some motherfucking sweet-ass poofy pants as the regular Pyro wears.

If Femscout can finally get some sweet-ass pants in her HWM version, so can Pyro. I want to make that happen.

Here is The Fanciest of Pants' version 1 of the most infamous Fempyro we all know today. Closer in pallette and skin to the original Pyro, something that his v.2.0 abandoned for something arguably original, but it left something to be desired.

Enter murphy7, he who never released this fix he made of Fempyro which had less gloss, was closer to looking like the Pyro, breasts that didn't look ripped out of a Gainax anime, and still balanced things out tastefully.

The purpose of PROJECT PANTS ON FIRE is to not completely replicate murphy7 or TFoP's v.1.0, but to give us something that looks closer to the original Pyro while being appealing as its own model.

Firstly, thank you to all those that have shown interest and support for this project, as well as all the feedback and criticism thus far. I’ve gotten a modeler on board who’s willing to try and make this work out, so we’ll see if we can do something with this other than hacking together bodies in SFM and shrinking proportions (and if you would turn your attention to the BLU Fempyro here, you can see the stretching on her normal map/body that looks unnatural in where I shrank and repositioned her boobies).

I received some Q&A on Tumblr, which I'll answer here since people on dA have asked me similar questions:

As of right now, not yet. While it looks good from a frontal angle, there’s a lot of texture issues because of not baking the textures on so I’ll see if my model can get that fixed.

Regardless, I’ll probably release it anyway on Donanman’s All-In-One Fempyrofor SFM/GMod sometime this week with BeardedDoomGuy’s Slimmed Down Fempyro also for SFM/GMod for those who don’t want to struggle with shrinking jigglebones and breaking the model.

There’d probably be two skins I provide for SFM: black zipper turtleneck and non-black turtleneck with no zipper. And everything else would be under bodygroups when we get this model going.

Ideally because both models use the same rig, so on paper it makes sense to just hack ‘em together and POOF, done. In a perfect world, this would be just as easy as making it for SFM.

Because I realize that it works differently for TF2, here’s why it’s not entirely perfect as I give off a model count based on how you do NOT have the option to remove bodygroups with the click of a button or change skins:

  1. Black zipper turtleneck, RED/BLU + Uber skins + Zombie skins
    • Enlarged/Default bust size (1 model)
    • Regulated bust size (2 models)
    • Reduced bust size (3 models)

  2. Colour no zipper turtleneck, RED/BLU + Uber skins + Zombie skins
    • Enlarged/Default bust size (4 models)
    • Regulated bust size (5 models)
    • Reduced bust size (6 models)

  3. Black zipper turtleneck + pants, RED/BLU + Uber skins + Zombie skins
    • Enlarged/Default bust size (7 models)
    • Regulated bust size (8 models)
    • Reduced bust size (9 models)

  4. Colour no zipper turtleneck + pants, RED/BLU + Uber skins + Zombie skins
    • Enlarged/Default bust size (10 models)
    • Regulated bust size (11 models)
    • Reduced bust size (12 models)

This is what I would like, but currently as it stands for one concept artist who is working on a modeling team for the first time with one modeler right now, it seems ambitious. I make no promises I can work with a completely reduced bust size version for TF2, but I will do my damndest to try. There would only be 3 models for SFM then based on reduced proportions (I use bust size because that’s the most notable but I could do something with her butt, but for the most part it’s her Eiken-proportioned bust that’s my concern), but TF2 is a little different for dreaming big, and here’s another reason why:

This is a very valid point. All Sage J. Fox’s refits would work with a simple reskin overwrite on the Enlarged/Default bust size models. But there would be a LOT of item refitting we’d have to do of both Sage’s items and even the regular TF2 items (and ideally, I would have two packs for whoever wants whatever), but this would basically quadruple the work, ESPECIALLY for the pants models and the breast-reduced models - ESPECIALLY if we’re using Sage’s pack*, who he and many other modelers work to basically make custom models beyond refits for his Fempyro and Femscout TF2 packs. 

I may or may not do the same thing as he did and put up a spreadsheet for Pyro’s default miscs that will need complete remodeling or intensive refitting. I can already say that I do not expect every item to be fixed or completely remodeled but I’ll try to get what I can from whoever’s willing to contribute. Your primary focus will be Pyro’s default miscs above Sage’s. You will refit to fit the default Fempyro as well as the pants Fempyro, keeping in mind some will need more refitting than the others because of body types. 

*Should there be enough demand for Sage’s custom items to be converted from the public like the Tuxxy necklace, the corset-esque Steel Sixpack, and the El Muchacho dress, I can also push that as another project for any modelers willing to go through that - mind you, you will need to modify it for each bust size, and while I’m not too sure how difficult that would be I can imagine it would be a grueling pain in the ass. Thus as it stands, it is not currently a priority in the TF2 Conversion side of things.

As it stands, a TF2 version of this model is not high priority right now so much as an SFM version, and I may or may not go to Facepunch at this point for assistance with the TF2 assets - but we’ll see what happens. For now, many thanks to those who are backing this concept so far or would like to help out; I’m so busy as is with almost everything else do my best. 

You can track Project POF’s progress, brainstorming, and releasesby following the fempyro crap tag on my Tumblr (likewise, for those who don’t give two flying pigs about the Fempyro, you know what to blacklist now), and if you’d like to be involved in the project, message me and let me know!

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My Miss Pauling reskin + props hack pack is now out! Download it and read the tutorial on how to Frankenstein ED's Miss Pauling with Rebbacus' Miss Pauling model here! Let's see you guys make some things.
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This is a wrist brace. Doctors usually tell you to not wear this if you’re doing shit because then you’re using it as a crutch and it will not help any injuries improve within that area.

I’m currently not listening to what doctors are telling people so I can type this.

As of this week, I will be taking a week hiatus on almost anything involving the use of a computer or artwork due to wrist and finger strain-related concerns. If anybody wants an explanation (and I understand I’m not entitled to give one but I will), I’ll give one; I put out content a lot but all that content has been pushed out with unhealthy computer habits and posture. Combine that with aggressive TF2, not stretching properly, the constant addiction to be productive, and a potentially bad ergonomic posture or desk setup, and you’ve got yourself a problem. Trying to push out nerf_down on time while worrying about my 6s team has put a big strain on my hand, and because of that, I’ve basically tired this thing out - at the worst, fucked it royally up. I’m hoping it’s not the worst.

I will try to get to everyone’s messages whenever convenient but for now, please excuse my lack of content or responses. I wish I could make things to feel better, I wish I could show you the things I make to feel better and make people feel better, but right now, it’s best for all of us if I take a break. I ask that you wish me the best in health ultimately or pray for my health, as well as the knowledge to sink in that I need to not fuck up so badly in the future and put my health over my work.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for your continued support in me thus far, and remember: stay frosty.

- uberchain

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I'm gonna rant for a bit, and I've ranted about this before - MANY times before, for those who have followed my Tumblr or who have looked at my Femclass pictures a fair bit. The main tangent of this will be Femclasses and Original Characters/OC's, but this can be applied for other tropes that may be overused (and I will reinforce that later). I didn't want to have to do this, but I've been provoked lately, and I feel like words would do some good other than my constant efforts to make - objectively - unique SFM crap involving Femclass models or any models in general.

We'll start with Fempyro. I know a lot of people are pissed off with how oversexualized Fempyro might be, or how people are making her oversexualized. The concept of the Buff Manpyro, which me and Pybun were both responsible for, was a parody of this. But what pisses me off more than that is people who are pissed off at the Fempyro because they think that's all she can be. Lately, I've been seeing way too many satire and parody pictures to the point where it turns into hate art against certain tropes for TF2 original characters - all of which are opinions I can agree with. Scouts and Femscouts with coloured Hero's Tails and Brutal Bouffants, with Flapjacks and Cool Cat Cardigans, Snipers with any one of the jackets and Your Worst Nightmares, glowy ass neon heterochromatic eyes, Fempyros who all are subject to use the same miscs, female classes who only exist to be the female one, to be a piece of eyecandy, to be a girlfriend or love interest even if they are no longer with the love interest in question who's primary motivation is based around romantic interest - I've seen it all. I am just as tired of seeing it as the next person, and you can argue that there is very limited customization when it comes to taking a model and using items that are in-game because the chances of you mimicing another person's character is too high. That's another issue we'll go over after.

My big stink is with hate art because to me, it accomplishes nothing. You think you're making your point but I personally see it as a waste of your time and your effort that you can use for defining yourself as an artist, as well as intruding on a person's freedom of will and being non-constructive. They have every right to make art with sexualized Fempyros as much as you have every right to make anti-Fempyro art, but why the fuck are you wasting time on something you really don't want to do? You're making hate art out of negative feelings than positive feelings. Doing something out of negativity, for me, is never the answer. If you thrive on hate art and that's your kind of art, then fine, I won't stop you. If you don't like a model to the point where you hate it, or you hate how the model is used, then you're allowed to have that opinion. But don't use it on hate art. PLEASE. You're fucking better than that - you know it and I know it. You might think "IF I'M BETTER THAN THAT WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP COMMENTING ON THESE SCOUTS WITH BRUTAL BOUFFANTS OR THEIR FEMSCOUT FETISH/EXPLOITATION ART AND THESE FEMPYROS WHO ALL LOOK THE SAME IN THESE SLUTTY POSES". 

Most of the art with the Scouts? It's actually pretty good aesthetic-wise. It's not as original as it was a long time ago, but you can see that these people put time and effort into their art. It looks good; the concept isn't original, but it looks good. I feel like there can be more originality expressed than that. The Femscout exploitation art? Yeah, I can do without that too. I can name very popular SFM artists who I'm not happy with how their Femscouts seem to exist for the sake of being female or eyecandy or love interests. But sometimes, the art or the design works for its target audience. They usually put good effort into making sure it looks good or looks like what they want it to look like, even though you might absolutely despise how they're doing it. And Fempyros who are posing "slutty" or are slutty because of how big their boobs/butt is? Give me a break. She's oversexualized and her model is low quality compared to other Femclass models, including Femsniper's midriff and Femscout's skirt which everybody will bitch about anyway. But that in no way makes her a slut. The word "slut" is derogatory to females; I can understand "views slut/favourites and comments whore" but that's still derogatory to females. To call out a female character for being "slutty" just because they're oversexualized or their anatomy is impractical and overexaggerated for fanservice's sake is just as vulgar as the oversexualization itself, and it makes you look incredibly judgmental about a female's right to express their sexuality if they choose to, or a woman's figure alone which ISN'T FREE WILL, IT'S HER FIGURE. If she wants to show it off, you have no right to unless there's strict dress code rules about that. If she's got big boobs and she's not even showing up but you're bothered by how big they are and you're offended by that, you need Jesus in your life.

But hate art? Hate art, from what I've seen, never has as much effort and is a very obvious parody on unoriginal concepts or a concept somebody vehemently agrees with. Sometimes it's funny; sometimes it falls flat and makes you look like you're just jealous and you can't match that quality for the thing you hate. You might argue "there's no quality at all the moment they use that model or use that model that way". You might argue "if they get offended, then that means they're part of the problem". But you're not helping either. Again, you're allowed to absolutely not like these tropes and cliches you keep seeing that seem to rank up views because you think they're mainstream or degrade SFM art. But there's a difference between a clever jab or satirical parody versus outright comics about HURR DURR HOW2FEMPYRO/ANIME SCOUT 4 FAVS AND VIEWS. Hate art is deconstructive and it makes you come off as bitter, jealous, and incapable of doing something else about it rather than vehemently protest or mock those who choose to make that kind of art.

If you have the effort and time to make hate art, try out something with your own characters, with your own ideas instead of the spite you have for another person's ideas! Make the art that you want to make, that you want people to know and admire you for. If that art you want to do is vehement hate art - I absolutely cannot agree with you, but go ahead. But if you really don't want to resort to having to make a commentary on tropes you don't like or see too often - then don't.

Put it away, otherwise take it, change it, and own it.

If you want to make an impact, I dare you to take the model, think hard about how you can use it differently or put a spin on it/make it the opposite of what you dislike, and try it out. 

In the event that you absolutely cannot stand to use the Femclass models, ignore this, don't do the challenge. I don't want you to force you to do something you don't want to do. But if you REALLY want to use the Femclass models but not have your characters be deviantArt doppelgangers or dare to be different - here's some shit you can try to make that happen (note: different =/= original because I'm so not original and all my shit looks like it's from anime, but Rule of Cool is in effect here). For once, we're going to ignore the "use other Femclass models" (my examples will have that though) because that's 1) a solid piece of advice because variety and 2) a very tough mission to embark on because items don't fit well and broken facial bones. Take note these tropes can apply for male characters too with some male societal tropes in place of the female societal tropes:

1) Avoid the Hero's Tail and Brutal Bouffant. The Miku Hair is about to fall into this, but if you want to try and spice up your character, avoid these. They're overused and they're not that high-quality in terms of hair; the Hero's Tail doesn't match TF2's style, and the Brutal Bouffant unless the AO is fixed doesn't look too hot without extra shading. Try other wigs, look around on TF2 Emporium or the GMod workshop for alternative hexed/mod options. 

2) Like above, try using other hats/miscs from other classes! Some people can't stand this because it conflicts with TF2 logic. But let's face it; most people's OCs I see are very TF2 Remix culture-based and break TF2 logic anyway. You're allowed to break these rules unless you insist on sticking with the TF2 class limitations for items, and even then, I see people break that rule anyway by going beyond 3 hats/miscs. Get creative!

3) If something's too big or small when you've tried the above/the male items don't fit on their female counterparts, there's a resize tool now for that reason! Lock on your stuff, then manually adjust or Zero in and adjust from there. The sky is the fucking limit! 

4) Colour your miscs, otherwise reskin! Get GCFScape, get VTFEdit, get GIMP/Paint.NET or Photoshop ready, look up a tutorial on how to reskin a texture. This puts you at a big advantage because now you've put in more extra effort than RED or BLU, ESPECIALLY if you're working with a TF2 Alternate universe that isn't very closely tied to TF2. Learn how to hex or decompile and add-on to the model if you want the original skin/model somewhere around, or get somebody to help you.

5) Break jigglebones. Stretch those motherfuckers around until you start seeing holes. Just know this could probably fuck with animating it if you ever decide to animate it. Also, for Fempyro - if you're bothered about her boobs, bake her bones, resize the boobs/butt to a comfortable size that looks natural enough, or download the slimmed down Fempyro.

6) Put in the effort to get the miscs right for MaxofS2D's AyesDyef Femscout fix. To do this, you need to rotate the items by 90 degrees in certain directions or just manually attach the items. I KNOW more than ANYBODY how fucking infuriating it is to get items on that motherfucker and how counterintuitive and time-consuming that is. Max knows this too, but I respect his opinion to disclude the bones that would allow items to properly attach on so that Femscout can have a proper skeletal rig and animations that don't stretch her bones or fingers. 

7) Treat your characters like human beings. They are allowed to be silly, be angry, be badass, be sophisticated. They are allowed to have flaws, they are allowed to have imperfections. They don't have to look good all of the time, they don't have to look sexy or pretty or beautiful if they are female. They don't even have to be cool or edgy, their flaws doesn't have to be Gary Stu/Mary Sue-type flaws. Make their flaws real fucking human flaws. They can be those, sure, but add some depth! They don't have to be just a love interest, they don't have to just be a token female/replacement for Scout/the second Scout. Make them live, make them breathe, make them have depth! 

8) Likewise, just because your character is sexy or pretty or beautiful - if they're capable of being badass, let it show. Stop focusing just on the Fem and focus on the Class! They can look good kicking ass too - I play Soul Calibur and my concern isn't if they stripped down their female OC to a bikini or how much clothing Ivy Valentine has on, my concern is to make sure they don't fucking kick my ass because they will if they get the chance.

9) Avoid fanservicey poses if the point of your art is not to be fanservicey. If the point of it is to be fanservicey, fine. If you want to showcase the character though as anything but fanservicey, then don't get too caught up in making a sassy/sexy pose. Stand out, even if you have to shout it out!

10) MaxofS2D's updated AyesDyef Femscout has pants for a bodygroup, and if you download Commander-Jackshit's hexed Femsniper pack, the Triad Trinket model for the Femsniper is a shirt that covers her midriff. If the skirt and the bellybutton bother you, use those to your advantage.

Quick notes before we end off this giant-ass rant:

- There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule. Femscout has a lot of options available where it's very easy to make her simply an art subject in art. For a one-time thing, that's fine. Doesn't even have to be a Femscout, could be a regular Scout. But a bigger main character should not be a token/cameo and should have more thought placed into their character or their design if you want your design to stand out. Likewise, if you're okay with having a common design that most people have, that's okay too, just make sure it fits with your universe alright. An example would be a Maskless Spy wearing only a Fancy Fedora with a stock Cocktail-Dress Femscout; that works out. If your character is using a Femscout as a base but they act sweet and bubbly and their poses and facial expressions reflect on that, then yes, go for it. If your Scout or your Sniper does like wearing the Your Worst Nightmare or the Hero's Tail and that's all the options you have or the only ones you like, then stick with it for now, alright! (Just, there's gotta be more hair you can possibly use for ALL your Scouts than that ponytail.)

- You're allowed to disagree with me just as much as I've disagreed with you. You don't have to take my advice, you don't have to stop using Brutal Bouffants or Hero's Tails if you don't want to. Hell, I use the Brutal Bouffant whenever I fucking can and I love me some Archimedes' on my Medics. You might think my stuff all looks the fucking same and my characters and my posters are ridiculous or animu as all hell, you might think I'm overrated and I'm an overfiltering Photoshop hack who doesn't know how to set up good camera angles or I'm lazy with my hands. That's okay too because I agree with those and I don't mind. Maybe you absolutely thrive on hate art, maybe you truly believe that all women who show off cleavage or ass are "sluts", maybe the urge to call out people who do the same shit is too much for you and you must make hate art. I vehemently disagree with your opinions, but we're allowed to disagree with each other. There's probably some contradictory ass shit in this rant, but I'm pretty much venting and preaching at this point. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean you have to listen to me if you don't want to.

- You're allowed to think THIS SHIT TAKES WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT, I AIN'T GOT TIME TO PUT THAT MUCH EFFORT OR TIME INTO SFM FAN CHARACTERS. And that's fine, people have other shit to do. But I'm afraid that'll reflect on your characters, though. A recoloured green Sonic sprite with recoloured shoes, Tail's bangs, and a black jacket is far too easy to call out, but if it's an Amy Rose sprite with a mix of primarily white with gold and red streaks on custom quills, a fox tail with fox ears, a striped T-shirt and a black leather skirt with black boots, it's not that easy to call it completely unoriginal or lazy because there is some different shit to it, even though the concept itself is not really new. If you truly care about improving or having more depth to your character-building, take the time to sit in SFM, look at some miscs, think about what you want to make, and then go along with it. Pour love into them, make them yours. But that doesn't just mean make them the most beautiful/handsome cool/kind/sweet or edgy/dark past type character. Experiment with expressions and posing to showcase what kind of character your character is! 

- Learn some good camera angles, and Photoshop what you need to Photoshop to match the style you're going for. This is not as important but it will help the quality of your work. I usually have a problem with this myself since sometimes, my camera angles make my characters look way out of proportion. But don't be afraid to have your camera a little further back before sliding the fov meter on your camera animation set for zoom. Also, try not to make your hair overly detailed unless the rest of your picture looks similar; if everything remains exported from SFM but your hair is being Photoshopped with a Smudge Tool or a paintbrush, it'll stand out way too much. Either make it look like a model when you Photoshop it (which is usually Hard Brushes or hard edges), or make more parts of your poster look painted/Photoshopped as well. 

- We won't get too big into stereotypes like GMod Stupid Heavy, Bad Guy Spy, Delicate Flower Medic, Badass Intelligent Soldier, or Super Cool SFM Scout. That'll be for another day. ;P
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I didn’t want to have to do this for a while but seeing as a lot of people have been asking about commissions as well as weapon signing and what have you, as well as those who would like to show support and love, and keep up to date with my SFM posters through all the crap I post here/if you don’t follow my Twitter or deviantArt - I’ve decided to make a Steam group!

I also made this because I wanted to just make a showcase for more information if you wanted it but I’m only Level 7 and trading cards for additional info that isn’t under VIEW MORE INFO is complete horseshit, so go join this instead of me spending 5 dollars to buy pixels not in TF2.

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Smaller things that I feel like don't have to be made into Tumblr posts, as well as updates for SFM animations and posters! 
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10) Before SFM, I used to draw and write fanart and fanfic a lot on a different deviantArt/Tumblr account. You can see some of my crappy drawings hurr. For privacy's sake, I ask that nobody try to match up my style with another person's style in an attempt to ZOMG LET'S FIND THEIR OTHER ACCOUNT; I think you'll find me way cooler here as uberchain. :)

9) My favourite food is sushi but I love in food in general, particularly anything Asian or Pan-Asian. Favourite dessert is ice cream, turon or sansrival. Favourite chocolate is Reese's or anything with peanut butter but I also like Cookies n' Cream because freakin' white chocolate w/ Oreo bits how can you NOT? Favourite snack food is chips, nori, or crackers. Especially nori. :heart:

8) I was clinically diagnosed as depressed because of chemical imbalance for about two years and prescribed a mild form of antidepressents. Two times I stopped: one in last year college, and the other shortly after graduating/working in my first job. The first time I stopped fucked me over good and I'm not sure if I should be back on them; don't stop unless your doctor says so. 

7) I carried hard in college. I drew and self-published a comic book in first semester as a gift that became a first-year project, I made a deck of cards for second semester that is now being utilized an an actual project, and I competed in a regional contest for high school to college students in graphic design. I lost, which began my downwards spiral into depression and going from top of the class to struggling to pass. :( However, I still hold very high achievements from college, and I have a tutoring certificate + a Visual Communication's in Photoshop certificate + my diploma and a silver medal from the competition! Most importantly, I met some fantastic people who supported me all the way and who are still doing good things for their students, their fellow classmates or their workers. :D

6) I contracted a mild form of tuberculosis on a trip to the Philippines as well as visited Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. For about two months nobody knew what the hell was going on and assumed it was because I missed my cousins so I just contracted something from Canada. The doctors in Canada were bamboozled when the mantoux test. I still have scars from two notable skin lesions they biopsied. :crying: 

5) I'm HUGE on anime and cartoons. I was anime club president in high school and my drawing style is very influenced from very distinct and popular styles found within anime and manga. I'll watch it subbed or dubbed, whichever one I like more or whichever's right there anyway! My favourite anime are Cromartie High, Sailor Moon, Binbougami Ga, and Kill la Kill, and my favourite cartoons are the Powerpuff Girls, Symbionic Titan, Samurai Jack, 6Teen, Cyberchase, and Arthur. 

4) I admined for a fair bit of communities way back in the days: forums, sprite-editing forums, RP forums, and as of current I admin a few TF2 servers + a Minecraft server. Part of me likes to attest to that for leadership skills, but there's no way I could get away with putting that on a resume. ;P

3) I love card games like Poker, Big 2, Blackjack, Go Fish, this Filipino card game where you ALWAYS have to start with 6 and keep going, Cheat/Bullshit, and whatever else can be done with a deck of cards like Slapjack and War. I also play Yu-Gi-Oh (mostly Kaiba rules but I've recently learned Synchro), standard deck Magic the Gathering, and Uno. :lol: 

2) Part of me wants to go into teaching, but there's a surplus of teachers where I live right now. I've tutored while in college for two years and I do offer tutorials every now and then. You can find more of my tutorials for Photoshop or SFM here, and I've mentored some friends such as :iconakidsimagination2: and :iconarandumdude: (you should check out their stuffs).
Feel free to ask where I've gotten a model, a map, or how I did a thing, and I'll try to get back to you when I can!

1) I'm female! :giggle: A couple of people think I am male, and it's fine if you did! I don't mind when people think I'm male, even if it's in-game and they think the voice coming out of the mic is a 14-year-old boy's. I'm cool with things either way, you don't have to make a big deal about SHE'S FEMALE GAWD if somebody calls me male. It's what I do that counts most I think.


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So, me and the talented Reddit West Pyro Jasbutts decided to put aside practice in order to make this super ultra mega collab for today’s Tumblr vs Reddit TF2 Highlander West Coast REMATCH! 

Come by eXtv’s Twitch Channel @ 3 PST later on and watch us settle some scores, play video games, and talk about what our favourite scene was from The Lego Movie.

As we’re about to close off this season, thank you to everybody who has supported the first season of the Tumblr vs Reddit community showmatch, whether you were rooting for Reddit or Tumblr or didn’t even give two fucks and were just in it to see your friends kick ass. Thank you to Queenie for organizing it and thank you to all the casters for fitting time into your schedule to cast the matches, even if they were post-cast. 

Like the super cool artist who did the super cool character portraits. Here’s her Tumblr! Give Jas a shoutout and if you’ve got dosh, why not ask her for a super cool commission? And thank you Chaofanatic for these speedlines.

Want to see more than me and the rest of the 9 classes for TvR West in Fightan' Gaem style? Click here to go to the Tumblr post!

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Seems appropriate since :iconfighterpilot555: and a few others wanted this too so I thought I'd tease it here as well after God Save (You From) The Queen had a lot of requests for the skin. ;) 

Here's a few close-ups of the reskinning process of turning Roxy/Maxxy's Femsniper model into a Female Christian Brutal Sniper, and what I've added to make her not simply just a regular ordinary recolour:

Sticking with the Biohazard/VSH skin canonically confirmed for use in the CBS: Origins reboot, there are blood patches are now visible on the gloves to show this woman is the exact same as her insane counterpart.

While I am planning on also reskinning the longer shirt version/Triad Trinket option, I feel like Fem!CBS would not give two shits about whether or not she had her midriff exposed or not - but let’s face it, somebody who’s this fucked up and probably has gotten her fair share of getting fucked up has a lot of battle scars to show for it.

Somebody will get mad at me for this not because I don’t know how to fucking bake textures onto a skin properly as seen here by these atrocious-looking strands of unruly hair to compensate for no crazy after-death beard goin’ on (and the stretched Biohazard symbol) but for these earrings as a cosmetic choice. I’ll defend myself with saying that maybe they were actually rusted half-broken nails slammed into her earlobes that stuck there because she thought they’d look like and they never caused infection since CBS according to Origins is technically a motherfucking zombie.

Finally, red lipstick because BLOOD, eyebags to make her look more slasher-crazy/insane, AND for accuracy points, the the Meet the Spy scar - which I have now included on my regular Roxy Femsniper skin along with a scar on her midriff. 

Eyes will arguably come with the regular blue and a red skin option for those who like more red with their Christian Brutal Snipers. Stay tuned: release is soon (latest is hopefully by end of next month) and it will come with a TF2 and hopefully a GMod version. 

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Some of you might have been wondering why I haven't been getting back to you as of late. I apologize.

Here's what I've been working on.
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this is uh

this is gonna take a while
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i think i did it

i think i figured out the compromise
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