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DA is becoming a real dump. I didn't think it was possible to get any worse but I was wrong. To post mature images I need to create a Premium folder To create a Premium folder I need to subscribe to Core. To sign up for Core I have to pay. To see Premium images you have to pay. After several months I find myself with the points consumed by DA for the Core and without the possibility of converting the points obtained with subscriptions to the Premium folder because I have to activate two-factor authentication (but who wants that? I don't want to give DA further personal information ). The point is that if I don't pay I can't show my images... I have to hope that someone signs up to the Premium folders to continue posting within the Premium folders (if I can just get the two factor authentication sorted out). WTF I feel a little cheated... Not to mention the amount of AI images... but is there still anyone who likes to challenge themselves by creating something of their own?
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Hello my friend ^_^

First of all, I'd like to welcome all of you guys that you are taking a moment of your time to see my works, I really appreciate it thank you :). My english is not quite the best but i am not touchy in any way so if you notice any mistakes please let me know.

I started making 3d illustrations with Poser several years ago (2012), and my characters however are always the same girls from the beginning, even if over the years they have undergone several transformations.

In 2013 I created Abby with Poser:

and even if they are old works, however I still like them a lot, more for a matter of affection than anything else of course ^_^.


I just steal a moment from you to point out a few things, important for getting along...

It is important to me, so read carefully ^_^ and thank you!

FIRST: This is an adult profile ;P

Although several images are for everyone, they are nevertheless made with one goal: to enhance the eroticism of the female body. For this reason, on my account you can find several images with an erotic content, so if you are looking for something else do not say that you had not been warned. It seems obvious, but still, after several years, I still receive criticism about the kind of work done. Not that I care, but in my part they say "patti chiari amicizia lunga" which in English can be translated as: "Good fences make good neighbors".

SECOND: Stuf for adults it doesn't mean rude.

I don't like vulgar or offensive comments. Pure and simple. Even if they are 3d characters, these depict women or girls and therefore must be respected even only as a representation. Therefore I kindly ask you to comment with a certain imagination of language avoiding as much as possible raw comments. I really appreciate even silly (my favourites one) and double meaning jokes, but not beyond that.

THIRD: it's just fantasy.

Sex and eroticism are an important part of our society and our life. I represent fantasies, I try to emphasize and idealize certain aspects of femininity, excluding the more real aspects. I try to represent a reality that does not exist, made up only of pleasant situations, which unfortunately hardly exist in reality (I mean without negative implications). Some may consider it a limit, and it is true, but frankly life is sad enough and looking at things lightly is important to me.

FOURTH: No character is under the age of 18

It is not just a matter of rules, but rather an obvious and natural matter. Eroticism must be linked to an awareness that only at a certain age can be considered as such, so from my point of view there are no more to say about this. So even where it isn't specified, that's the way it is.

FIFTH: Commissions and requests

I don't take commissions. I like to have some freedom in the execution of my works, and I find it very stressful to adapt to the requests of others. If you want to submit an idea, however, I am always available, but without obligation. Don't waste your time asking me for genres I don't do like: blood, gore, vore, furry, violence, non-consensual sex and nothing related to pregnancy or kinship relationships because I just don't do them.

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Many thanks for all the faves my friend :)

For me it is always a pleasure. I really enjoy your smart irony ;)

Abby was super-beautiful in Poser!!

^_^ thank you !

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