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Im swimming here

This picture 4 my Friend Janine from Philippines! by UAkimov09, visual art

My Surreal Tree

Idea #1 : My Surreal Tree by UAkimov09, visual art

Light of Dream

Svitlo mrii ! (Light of Dream !) by Dima Terz. by UAkimov09, visual art

Power of flower

This Rose for Jaclyn from Netherlands ! (a2) by UAkimov09, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Samotsvit which fulfills the desires : ) by UAkimov09, visual art

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Please visit my counter , I am interested to know from which countries others visit me

Hello ! I hope that you are fine and have a Nice day or/and Good evening ! :)

My name is Dima Terz. I want to wish to You to be always Happy , Luckly , Strong , Healthy and be more in Positive , Calm , Kind and Nice mood ! Best wishes from me ! Ukrainian / Greek person. (from Eastern Macedonia and Thrace)

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Green organizations work in the name of Nature ! :


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1 ''Green Peace''

2 World Wide Fund (WWF)

3 Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organisation (AMWRRO)

4 Animal Liberation Front (ALF)

5 Chipko Movement


I'm Green , Positive way supporter and promoter

World Greens Organization ''Green Peace'' always in Heart.

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Пусть дождь, пусть град,

Пусть нам грозит опасность.

Прочь дрожь, прочь страх,


Jairo Mora Sandoval is a Hero , Glory to Volunteers !

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Favourite Visual Artist
Osamu Tezuka , William Turner , Rob Gonsalves
Favourite Movies
Astroboy, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Merlin, Star Gate : SG1 and Atlantis, Columbo (with Piter Falk), Poirot (Agatha-Kristie), Quantium Leap (Scott Bakula), Back to Future.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sandra, C.C. Catch, Annie Lennox, Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, Aqua, Enigma, Sarina Paris, Roxette, Bryan Adams, Sting, Phil Collins, Edvard Hagerup Grieg (classical music)
Favourite Books
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
Favourite Games
Sudoku, Checkers, Chess, Jigsawce.
Favourite Gaming Platform
once tried PS1 but not in circle games happy !
Tools of the Trade
only Mouse for Digital drawing.

Interesting photos

Cactus flower I

Dreamland -1

Cactus flower II

Charming moment IV

Mural with wise owl

Owl reading One Thousand and One Nights -1

Red University of Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv

In the silence of cold winter (2018) -3

Interesting photos 2

Butterfly in Kyiv

The mood is as light as a butterfly

I'm with cactus flower

Charming moment XIV

The Great Tower is here !

La tour offre une vue unique :)

Lets play in chess

Bronze sculpture ''Kyiv Chess'' 6

Pektoralʹ with Vyshyvanka

Pectoral in an embroidered shirt :)

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in Kyiv

Saint Michael's Cathedral, Kyiv

Place of dreams

Mural ''Pink Giraffes'' by Igor Novakovsky

I will wait you here :

Mural ''Synychka'' by Alex Maksiov in Kyiv -1


Bee care about life

Charming moment XI

Pretty Pink Flowers :)

Las flores de cactus son las Estrellas del Sur 1

Cactus Lofofora with Flowers

La vida en todas sus manifestaciones 4

Cactus Astrophytum Asterias :)

Kalimba De Luna - Your light is my Life I

Donation Pool

Donating Pool

Thank you very much for each point ! :)

Have a Nice day and Calm evening !

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(This article not finished , later here will be added more information about him) On November 5 , the famous striker of Dynamo Kyiv Oleg Blokhin celebrated his 69th birthday. Happy Birthday , Oleg Volodymyrovych ! :)
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(The presence of a weapon will always have negative consequences). When animals attack people , they (humans) kill them without long thinking (so often doing police vs wild and danger animals) , then people try to change something , often worsening the already difficult life of wild animals... due to the fact that humanity takes the whole harvest often it leads to starvation of rabbits that are hunted by other animals , as result , they start to come to villages / cities in searching food.. where them killing police or cars.. rescuers rare reach them first that try to put them to temporary sleep.. (actually only for this need ability to shoot aimed , and such use of weapons is justified in order to save the life of the animal) and then release them back into nature. But , when happend something like this ''American actor ___ shot the camerawoman and wounded the director during the filming.'' it's really very awful , except for the loss of life , her son was left an orphan .. and it's
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Today i celebrate my birthday and i want to send to everyone , not only to libras , but and to everyone who will read this , to be Healthy , Happy , Lucky , Strong ; to be more in Calm , Kind , Peaceful and Positive mood ! To meet only Nice , Friendly , Kind , Supportive and Understanding people ! I wishing to you all to be Healthy and Happy ! I sending to you success in all yours works and hobbies ! In realizing yours dreams and wishes ! That all of yours dreams come true ! :)
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Thanks so much for the ⭐️

I want to thank you again for all the faves and for all the quartz badges too.

Rest Well, My Wise Owl

Special thanks for the faves, especially on my tribute.

Hello! It's very clear you are someone who is concerned for the environment and the wellbeing of animals. That is admirable and unfortunately not common enough in the world we currently live in.

However I noticed one of the organizations you linked is PETA. I'd like to inform you that PETA is not one of the organizations you want to be invested in for these causes. The below linked article is an example of PETA to this day (at least as of 2020) killing pets unneccesarily.

It's understandable for someone or an organization to be outraged at how animals are mistreated, but PETA often approaches it wrong by targeting people or things that weren't intending to hurt animals to begin with. They are also misleading, as they have straight up lied about how unethical some practices regarding animals actually are. They have put autism in a bad light by claiming that dairy causes it. Autism is NOT something that is caused by what a person consumed nor is it something that should be hated. This ultimately has hurt environmental causes more than it has helped them, it's probably one of the reasons that vegans are hated as much as they are currently when they really shouldn't be.

Hello ! I've heard about this awful story before (near 5 years ago) and tried to read more about it , i know all this story (i also read about that wokers of PETA did bad actions that have nothing to do with the actions of normal volunteers) , but then i got information that its fake , often poachers/hunters makes such articles that blame environmentalists. They use to say something like environmentalists never coming in forests and dont know how to care about them. Existe people who dislike and ''Green Peace'' organization because , for example , they do not support actions of gouvernement of USA to use wolves to stop breeding of rabbits (as result wolves attack and kill rabbits that have multiplied greatly/they eating all plants at park and therefore even the riverbed is distorted...) its example from one national park in USA.

I will try now to read your text and look links. I also now remind why i could also do not delete word PETA , i liked the name and general idea of an organization : ''for the ethical treatment of animals'' , but I do not support their killing , animals can be moved to another place where they will be safe.