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:bulletblue: Hosted by the following groups:

:iconskyandnatureclub: is a group for all sky and nature lovers ! It's for APN photographers ! It's for anyone who enjoys Nature :heart:  The reason for starting this group is to support all nature photographers, and to show other members the beauty of nature from all around the world! :D

:iconfeature-club: is a community of new and old, seen and unseen artists who just want to share what they have. The group aims at featuring only 5 deviants a day to allow them to be seen by the entire group.

:iconunknown-artists-club: is a group that tries to help unknown artists get more attention here on deviantART.

:bulletblue: The Judges

:iconuae4u: :iconanoya: :iconmoonbeam13: :iconayame-kenoshi: :icondantastic202: :iconlazdude:

Traditional Art
:iconegil21: :iconsraffa: :iconuae4u:

Digital Art
:iconyasny-chan: :iconcsnyder: :iconneostockz: :iconuae4u:

:iconladylincoln: :icon3wyl: :iconiluvocnj2006: :iconnamenotrequired: :iconthe-photographicpoet:


Congratulations to the winners !!! :party: :excited: :boogie:

Thanks to everyone for their support and cooperation ! :heart:

To the ones who didnt win, do not give up! I am sure participating in the contest has given you more experience. Good luck next times ! :w00t:

Note: Each medium has its own judging and winners, but there are also "Overall" winners. They are the winners who will get the prizes! :w00t:

:bulletblue: Photography Winners.
:bulletred: Digital Art Winners.
:bulletgreen: Traditional Art Winners.
:bulletpurple: Literature Winners.
:bulletyellow: Literature Winners.

:groups: Here are the entries collections from the 3 hosts: SkyAndNatureClub's | Feature-Club's | Unknown-Artists-Club's

:groups: Here is the full Prizes list:…

Medium Winners

:love: :icongigglecake: :party: CONGRATULATIONS !! :party: :icongigglecake: :love:

:bulletblue: Photography :bulletblue:

:winner: Third Place

- Breath from another - by Econita

by :iconeconita:

"In spite of the fact I usually don't like a main subject that small to be centered in the composition, it doesn't disturb me at all in this specific photograph. The 'light source' is very obvious and even emphasized by the flare. It seems to add something extra to the entire atmosphere, in my opinion. I also love how the red stands out so much with the golden glow that Econita has captured here.
There's so much to see in this picture, while the subject is so small. That spiderweb in the upper left corner and the bokeh is absolutely amazing. Superb capture!" ~ Anoya

:bulletblue: Other works from Econita's gallery:

Silence by Econita - The slowest melodies - by Econita

:winner: Second Place

The Chosen One by MarcoHeisler

by :iconmarcoheisler:

"I know that this shot is already pretty popular with that many favorites, but I can't help but love it entirely. It fits the theme of the contest perfectly and the title couldn't have been better. The light makes tree look majestic, almost heavenly maybe, and it makes me appreciate the composition and the angle of this photograph even more." ~ Anoya

"One of the finest quality nature photos I've seen, this truly sets itself apart by taking sunlight and using it to capture attention on a single object, in a way otherwise impossible to acheive. You can't help thinking this is one of those one-in-a-million shots that really makes you appreciate the world around us whenever you happen to be in such a peaceful place. The term "miracle of nature" seems appropriate here." ~ lazdude

:bulletblue: Other works from MarcoHeisler's gallery:

Beyond Midnight by MarcoHeisler E t h e r e a l by MarcoHeisler Lost In Colors by MarcoHeisler

:winner: First Place

Shining in a dark place by BrandonRechten

by :iconbrandonrechten:

"I love the feeling created with this piece. It feels a lot like hope during dark times and i want to walk through the door and see what comes next." ~ Moonbeam13

"This picture sums up quite perfectly the theme of this contest. Unlike most other images in the competition, its primary focus is of the element of light, and would literally be nothing without it. Although very simple in its subject and technique, it still manages to convey conflicting emotions and deep meaning. There are also different ways to look at it, depending on your perspective. Whether you see this and think how grateful we are to have light in our lives, or take the image more literally and imagine what lies beyond the doorway in front of you... the impact is just as powerful." ~ lazdude

:bulletblue: Other works from BrandonRechten's gallery:

Echoes by BrandonRechten The Lonely Chair II by BrandonRechten :thumb149390710: Gulick House: Staircase by BrandonRechten Farm Road - Dusk by BrandonRechten

:star: Honorable Mentions

people by ine87 A Touch of Sun by El-i-or Talewhip by SmileyG Winter night by dominique-merot All coming back by downpoured Life Source by Baz135 Would you still remember? by jasmine111196

:bulletred: Digital Art :bulletred:

:winner: Third Place

Amazingly Enough by katanimate

by :iconkatanimate:

"an adorable image, very well done and kept to the theme." ~ CSnyder

:bulletblue: Other works from katanimate's gallery:

Simba Semi-Realism by katanimate Shadow Of The Forest by katanimate

:winner: Second Place

Original character by Anselmeth

by :iconanselmeth:

"Of all the submitted images, this piece had the most resonance for me; a storybook aesthetic that delivers a sense of narrative. Great use of ambient lighting." ~NeoStockz

"a nice sense of wonder in this." ~ CSnyder

:bulletblue: Other works from Anselmeth's gallery:

Sleep by Anselmeth Net by Anselmeth

:winner: First Place

Rampant City by konishkichen

by :iconkonishkichen:

"Now this one is really funky - as a PhotoManipulator myself, I can appreciate the hurdles this deviant must have experienced in the creation of this piece. Excellent technical wizardry!" ~ NeoStockz

"a magical image and strong visual impact"~ CSnyder

:bulletblue: Other works from konishkichen's gallery:

The First Meeting by konishkichen Circo de la Luna by konishkichen Archway into the ice by konishkichen In the olden days... by konishkichen New Year's Eve Fireworks by konishkichen

:star: Honorable Mentions

Midnight Light by StickyLeaf :thumb178793090: Inside by Spinewinder :thumb178698262: Collabo bolaco by shunding

:bulletgreen: Traditional Art :bulletgreen:

:winner: Third Place

La luciole by tivy-chun

by :icontivy-chun:

"Bold, graphic expressions of luminescence, a unique and fascinating meditation on the spectrum and its relationship to light, very dramatic and beautiful." ~ SRaffa

:bulletblue: Other works from tivy-chun's gallery:

Who is a hero? by tivy-chun Larmes d'esperance by tivy-chun

:winner: Second Place

by :iconvixendra:

"The Light is very well used here, a bright light on one side, the other side still lighted by stars and the face shadowed with mastery. " ~ Egil21

:bulletblue: Other works from VixenDra's gallery:

I found myself in Wonderland by VixenDra

:winner: First Place

End of an Era by MattDeakinFineArt

by :iconmattdeakinfineart:

"This has more than just impeccable craftsmanship going for it-- there's also the subtle wit of a source of light being acted upon by a light source, and the lovely highlights and ethereal shadows resulting from that." ~ SRaffa

"I wouldn't imagine one could draw metal and glass like this." ~ Egil21

:bulletblue: Other works from MattDeakinFineArt's gallery:

A Glass of it? by MattDeakinFineArt A woman's look Pencil Drawing by MattDeakinFineArt Mother Love by MattDeakinFineArt A Brother's Love by MattDeakinFineArt Kingfisher edit by MattDeakinFineArt

:star: Honorable Mentions

Autumn Road Revisited by MountainInspirations ...that bridal shine... by Emeralde Petrification by chachah Sua hora chegou by ricardoafranco

:bulletpurple: Literature :bulletpurple:

:winner: Third Place

eat us and see.they say dark eats all.
and they're right.
it does eat everything.
but nothing's hidden for too long,
nothing's buried that won't be found
and even if the whole world
(it's lands, nations, and people)
are eaten,
engorged on by dark.
and even if heaven
(the angels and gates)
are engulfed,
taken by dark.
and even if you
(both the beauty and the flaws)
will sink,
are sinking,
sunk in dark.
it won't last forever.
it'll never last forever.
because the source of light isn't the sun.
or something like that at all.
as cliche as it sounds,
it's you and I.
we're the source.
and even if we ourselves are eaten by dark,
even if we plunge ourselves in dark, freely,
the source will never be quenched.
because it's in us already.
it's in the dark of us already.
and because you can't have [light] without [dark].
don't believe me?
open my mouth and search,
pry my jaws open and look.
gaze in a mirror,
see if your eyes can't catch a flash,
maybe stars that flicker
or moons tha

by :iconfreakofnature00:

"This might be Free & Blank Verse, but it sounded like Spoken Word to me – it almost sounds like a monologue in poetry. The approach freakofnature00 has taken here creates quite a unique mood that I have not seen often in poetry on dA. This piece explores quite interesting ideas, too." ~ namenotrequired

"I really enjoyed reading this, because it went straight to the point and stuck with the subject of light. Also, a very well written and thoughtful piece." ~ Iluvocnj2006

:bulletblue: Other works from freakofnature00's gallery:

:winner: Second Place

She talks to the moonO' you poor homeless soul of the skies,
that roams along wherever I go.
you wanderer let not wander my eyes,
looking for you most of the nights so.
enlightens my path your silver glare,
your heavenly touch won't let us part.
as I ride off on nocturne's black mare,
on your unicorn you do escort.
my pal, my friend, you kindest soul;
wish we could walk forever along!
(I swear by your gleam and grey mole)
but take some rest as the night is long!
promise you won't have to count the sheep;
as chanting to you a lullaby;
on my pillow I'd put you to sleep;
letting stars alone light up the sky.

by :iconmelanch0lic:

"This piece really captivates the reader, with beautiful expressions and the direct addressing with the use of archaic lexis really adds to the vintage mood of the overall poem, full of personification and geniine pleasure." ~ the-photographicpoet

"I just have a thing for fixed forms... this poem takes a quite liberal approach, but the rhythm and rhyme still have a strong impact. It tells a sweet story with a hint of fantasy, and all together he's managed to create a strong mood and imagery." ~ namenotrequired

"Definitely a cute and quirky poem, with an even more adorable inspiration for it. Overall, I found this to be quite magical. " ~ Iluvocnj2006

:bulletblue: Other works from Melanch0lic's gallery:

Melancholywalking ashes
breathing smokes
laughing hard at rotten jokes
stuck deeper
on struggling out
choked by mud when I try to shout
dead inside
but living ahead
no will to smile, no tears to shed
giggling folks
dazzling lights
still feels like most silent of nights
She talks to the moonO' you poor homeless soul of the skies,
that roams along wherever I go.
you wanderer let not wander my eyes,
looking for you most of the nights so.
enlightens my path your silver glare,
your heavenly touch won't let us part.
as I ride off on nocturne's black mare,
on your unicorn you do escort.
my pal, my friend, you kindest soul;
wish we could walk forever along!
(I swear by your gleam and grey mole)
but take some rest as the night is long!
promise you won't have to count the sheep;
as chanting to you a lullaby;
on my pillow I'd put you to sleep;
letting stars alone light up the sky.
The Birdcaptured by my eye,
the farthest fathoms of sky
yet I need to fly!

:winner: First Place

NachmittagSummer's final breath
Waltzes the brusque dawn away
To oblivion.

by :iconshinato-kawasaki:

"I love the title, Nachmittag, as it really demonstrates a passage of time and the short haiku form adds to the element. I think it has a wonderful overall meaning and the reader ponders on each of the words for a while after reading." ~ the-photographicpoet

"Though it's short, there is so much emotion and visual effect coming from the poem. Truly is a beautiful work of art!" ~ Iluvocnj2006

:bulletblue: Other works from Shinato-Kawasaki's gallery:

OmbrageCicadas murmur
A harmonious discord
To the moonless night.
Le mirageConstant as a breeze:
An amorphous horizon,
A dainty iris.
The TemptressMother Nature, thou art a vile mistress,
Plaguing innocent men with guilty thoughts;
Incestuous sin: the root of distress,
Bathing taintless hands in a sea of naught.
Thy motherly blessings are but sordid—
Thou chainest the serfs who beg to be free,
And chidest the vagrant with red orchids
When all he chooseth to seek are daisies.
O, Mother, how thou mockest thine own sons:
Luring all who unveil thy sly guile
Behind the eyes of thy daughterly duns,
And poisoning them with thy scarlet smile.
      If I must draw my sword to pierce thy breast,
      Then let it be, and may my soul take rest.
SubakoFreedom, fill the feathers of my faith.
Carry her above our flat world—
A world of black, a world of white—
And let her swim in a foreign sunrise,
Blend with the sky, and reflect delight.
Freedom, fill her naïve lungs with clouds.
Atop a shimmering island
Upon the moon's borderless shawl:
Queen of a vertical horizon
And the sweet envy of us all.
Freedom, fill her head with my thought:
May the Earth forever claim the autumn leaves;
May the Earth forever claim the winter snow;
May the Earth forever claim the human feet,
But never the sunrise she has come to know.
SadameMisfortune's thicket
Pits the friendless coyote
With unfriendly wolves.

:star: Honorable Mentions

BirthEternal darkness was its home. Here it zoomed around, or whatever it was that it did. It is hard to measure speed when there are no landmarks to measure it by, no air resistance to feel. For all it knew, it could be racing, crawling or standing perfectly still.
The only thing that changed around it was the others. It could feel them; close by sometimes, farther away on other occasions. They were communicating with each other, but it never joined in. It liked to be for itself and wonder about its small world. Or was it a big world? Was it a world at all, or just a place within a world? It had never encountered any barriers, but it never knew where – or if – it was going, anyway.
It wanted to know, though; it was curious. The first thing it wanted to study was speed, and how fast it could move. Then it could try to find the boundaries of its world and measure space.
It had taught itself not to move. It didn't work to perfection; sometimes it could feel itself vibrate slightly.
One House     Three rocks, piled one on top of the other. The solitary wooden house stood on the solitary hill. The greenery was just as visible as God to an atheist. Standing at the peak in his wind beaten denim coat, and baseball cap, he viewed the surroundings. He took in a deep breath, held it, and then exhaled. Slowly, his gaze turned towards the house. The old, battered door dared him to open it, or even touch it. At a slow, marching pace, the man began to trek up the ancient, rickety stairs, until he came face to face with the door. Without hesitation, he pulled it open with vigor.
     Beyond the beaten entrance loomed a dark room. As he entered the sad excuse for a residence, the man sealed the exit behind him. The entire house seemed to be a sick being, and it did not take kindly to being disturbed by anyone. The ground groaned under the pressure of having to support life on its floorboards. The roof showed its response to the unwarran

:bulletyellow: Overall Winners :bulletyellow:

:winner: Fourth Place

NachmittagSummer's final breath
Waltzes the brusque dawn away
To oblivion.

by :iconshinato-kawasaki:

:winner: Third Place

End of an Era by MattDeakinFineArt

by :iconmattdeakinfineart:

:bulletorange: Prizes:
:bulletgreen: A 3-month Premium Membership OR 636 points :points:
:bulletgreen: A Stamp or Avatar (winner's choice) from 12knight12
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: A Digital Drawing commission from xanadu125
:bulletgreen: A pixel avatar character from Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: A Fractal Wallpaper from Salisaad
:bulletgreen: A Simple Digital Painting from Ptite-Louve

* Full list of prizes:…

:winner: Second Place

Shining in a dark place by BrandonRechten

by :iconbrandonrechten:

:bulletorange: Prizes:
:bulletgreen: 9-month Premium Membership OR 1908 points :points:
:bulletgreen: A Stamp or an Avatar (winner's choice) from 12knight12
:bulletgreen: A Stamp from TimberClipse
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Das-Pfanntom
:bulletgreen: A Digital Drawing commission from xanadu125
:bulletgreen: A pixel avatar character from Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: A story request from DazzledByNorrington
:bulletgreen: A Fractal Wallpaper from Salisaad
:bulletgreen: A Simple Digital Painting from Ptite-Louve
:bulletgreen: A photograph commission Ptite-Louve

* Full list of prizes:…

:winner: First Place

Rampant City by konishkichen

by :iconkonishkichen:

:bulletorange: Prizes:
:bulletgreen: A 15-month Premium Membership or 3032 points :points:
:bulletgreen: A Stamp or an Avatar (winner's choice) from 12knight12
:bulletgreen: An eye manipulation commission from Capoodra
:bulletgreen: A photograph commission from xSakuraSyaoranx
:bulletgreen: A Drawing commission from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: A Digital Drawing commission from xanadu125
:bulletgreen: A chibi sketch commission from blaze-faerie
:bulletgreen: A Full sketch from Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: A Fractal Wallpaper from Salisaad
:bulletgreen: A Drawing(Colored) or a Line art (Not colored), and a Simple Digital Painting from Ptite-Louve
:bulletgreen: A photograph commission Ptite-Louve

* Full list of prizes:…

:bulletorange: All Winners will recieve:</ul> :bulletorange:

* Journal Feature by SkyAndNatureClub
* Journal Feature by Wonderful-World
* Journal Feature by Cityscapes-Club
* Journal Feature by Close-Ups
* Journal Feature by NaturPics-club
* Journal Feature by sunsets
* Journal Feature by Photo--Assignment
* Journal Feature by ProjectEarth
* Journal Feature by Scapes-club
* Journal Feature by Shutter-Vision
* Journal Feature by Shutter-Scene
* Journal Feature by The-Big-Cats-Club
* Journal Feature by Abstract--Reality
* Journal Feature by theskyclub
* Journal Feature by Belle-Art
* Journal Feature by PhotographersClub
* Journal Feature by Craftcycle
* Journal Feature by PurpleClub
* Journal Feature by alwaysmotivated
* Journal Feature by Elements--Club
* Journal Feature by ILoveAnimals
* Journal Feature by MountainShots
* Journal Feature by Insect-Lovers-Club
* Journal Feature by ProjectComment
* Journal Feature by Feature-Heaven
* Journal Feature by blue-club
* Journal Feature by DigitallyCreated
* Journal Feature by Feature-Club
* Journal Feature by TimberClipse
* Journal Feature by uae4u
* Journal Feature by Hellobaby
* Journal Feature by Unknown-Artists-Club
* Journal Feature by Lokiev
* Journal Feature by 3wyl
* Journal Feature by eschlehahn
* Journal Feature by alone-maggie
* Journal Feature by xSakuraSyaoranx
* Journal Feature by Kostandina
* Journal Feature by Psi-Psiana
* SitBack Feature by quarterbacker
* Journal Feature by BelleMeansBeautiful
* Journal Feature by butterfly-mayutzu
* Journal Feature by NikolasBrummer
* Journal Feature by Wolfpackwithme
* Journal Feature by Gex78
* Journal Feature by Egil21
* Journal Feature by TheFavouriteShowcase
* Journal Feature by Aspiring-writer16
* Journal Feature by Twins72
* Journal Feature by OmiAna117280
* Journal Feature by Penguinsontoast
* Journal Feature by Elephants995
* Journal Feature by Zwoing
* Journal Feature by Shadow-and-Flame-86
* Journal Feature by VirtuallySane
* Journal Feature by Ciarameow
* Journal Feature by WALKING-GIRL (or news article)
* Journal Feature by That-Feeling
* Journal Feature by GramMoo
* Journal Feature by Jolly-Imp
* Journal Feature by LAPoetry-n-Photo
* Journal Feature by gold-rose
* Journal Feature by FlyingMantaRay
* Journal Feature by Krissi001
* Journal Feature by sillysally3456
* Journal Feature by kerrybushphoto
* Journal Feature by AelizeA
* Journal Feature by HungryxHungryxHippos
* Journal Feature by BillyTheKid-90
* Journal Feature by daisukekuroneko
* Journal Feature by Iluvocnj2006
* News Article Feature by Deyys
* Journal Feature by Silvannia (and news article)
* Journal Feature by sweetychan
* Journal Feature by Ptite-Louve
* Journal Feature by LovelyAngelCutie
* Journal Feature by vampireMetamorph
* Journal Feature by aStRaLiLiTu
* Journal Feature by robkit
* Journal Feature by daisukekuroneko
* Journal Feature by megan24601
* Journal Feature by Beta-Readers
* Journal Feature by Contests-R-Us
* Feature in the "featured" folder at Contests-R-Us
:bulletgreen: Virtual hug from eschlehahn
:bulletgreen: Virtual hug from Zwoing
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from dusmo
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from xSakuraSyaoranx
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Lesronheart
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Kostandina
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Wolfpackwithme
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Aspiring-writer16
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Elephants995
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Zwoing
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from jasmine111196
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Tulla-Morwen
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from monchito001
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from AdmiralsGirl
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from MadamBarista
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Deyys
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Silvannia
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from aaalyssaaa
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from ShineWithTheStars
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from ongaku-suki
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from SeaBlueAngelUni
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Ptite-Louve
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from JengSkry
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from vampireMetamorph
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from randomnessgirl
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from tamaho
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Sora-Kairi-4ever
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from Imperfection22
:bulletgreen: LLama Badge from rox14
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Congratz to all the winners. They are truly amazing and absolutely deserve it :)

I made the honorable mentions :D.
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yea you did. Congrats :D
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Congratulations, although my favorite is the third place winner.
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Congratulations to all the winners, I'm very honored to have placed among them :D

Thank you very much to the judges, clubs, and members for supporting this contest and offering such awesome prizes!
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Congrats again ! :D
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wow there are some very deserving winners :clap:

Great job to everyone.

And congratulations for holding a wonderful contest!

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Oh, and I forgot to say earlier, but thanks a lot for inviting me to judge alongside these great people.:aww: it means a lot. :)
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and thank you ! :)
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Really well deserved :clap:

I feel amased of the large number of amazing talented artists here in dA .
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Congrats. Well deserved!
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Cool, I made it to honourable mentions! :w00t: That made me very happy.
Congrats to all the winners! :clap:
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congrats to you :D
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AH well, knew I wouldn't win with my skill.

All the pictures there look awesome. CONGRATULATIONS!
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It was worth the try I'm sure :)
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8D It actually made me a bit depressed but yeah, you have a point :)
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You all did a great job, congrats! :w00t:
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:faint: such a huge prize list... and to think the ones I offered are still missing there :lmao: I will feature them too :meow:

Awesome winners! :thumbsup:
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oh what's missing ?
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My journal feature and such, but I'll give them llamas and feature them anyway :)
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very nice of you, thanks :)
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congrats to everyone :party:
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