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Project_Abnormalize | (c)2013
Project_Abnormalize (preview) by yunisu-chan

He'll be included to my story...
But I haven't thought of  name for him~

So yeah...another guy in my story OTL....
I was planning to draw my other female characters but ended up drawing a guy....again.....

Hope you like it....

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---art and character by: yunisu-chan | do not trace | do not steal |do not edit | ask permission if going to copy
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© 2013 - 2021 u-ne
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is it copyright free?  i would like to use it in a nightcore video pls :D (^3^)
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Waaah he is so lovely :iconluvluvplz:
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thank you >.<
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We really like the look of this character~ The shading looks very nice and we like the touch of red with the blood~

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glad you like it >.<
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Oh scary... but it looks great!
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thank you >.<
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thats look so great
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OWO he looks kinda like toma owo
is he his brother? owo
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nope, they'e not brothers XD toma only have 1 brother and that's toshi 
maybe because they're both yanderes XD XD
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yanderes are awesome
they are the best in my opinion
i like them wayyy better than all the other deres groups
anime and manga both needs more yanderes especially males
i've never really seen a male yandere in an anime or manga before tho orz
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ikr?!! yanderes the best!
and seems like there are more female yandere than male
well toma is not a real yandere though...he is more like a sadistic person...
but...yeah, sometimes he looks like a yandere to me XD
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sdfghjkl idek he might not be asdfghjkl;'
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Hot guy is hot.
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