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Yuugi Hoshiguma and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Inscription on the left says something like "We defend aerospace borders of Moscow, the hero-city. Let us be worthy of such a high honor".
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Very nice Tunguska and excellent work as usual.

But one question lingers: what are Yuugi, Nazrin and Kyouko doing in Moscow? It feels so out of place.
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Thanks a lot.

Their thirst for adventures led them there, I suppose. '(^__^)>
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Looks like they're pondering what kind of footwear/sock combination would fit on their adventure best.
Nice work!
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Thank you.
You hit the point. I've started this picture in particular to try to draw the different types of legwear. '(^__^)>
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Nice Tunguska!  Also such a heavy pack does not even phase her!  Also, that Tunguska has less firepower than those girls do.  They put out some mean AA barrages.
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>> that Tunguska has less firepower than those girls do
Heh. If those girls had at least primitive targeting system, their firepower would be waaaay more effective. ^^'
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Is that a Tunguska I see back there?
I think its a Tunguska!

Good work, comrade!
I always to love Touhou mixing with other, possibly real-life things!
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That's right, it is Tunguska (yay, it was noticed!).
Thank you very much.
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I do really like the Tunguska, I think its twin cannonts are pretty cool!
No problem!
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