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Suika's lair

Suika Ibuki (the giant) and Hina Kagiyama (the "hero") from Touhou Project game series.
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:iconsuikaplz::iconsaysplz:WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAM-
Shrek Icon or emoticon :iconsaysplz:OYTHAT'SMYLINE
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What the picture want to show us? Oh and I like Hina there. She is epic
U-Joe's avatar
>>What the picture want to show us?
It's up to viewers to decide. Most of them say something like "Hina Defeat the Evil Suika and Save the world!"
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Suika is ugly there xd
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A game where you could play as hina would be so fun
U-Joe's avatar
Maybe such game exists, I don't know. There are a lot of Touhou-related games made by fans, and there is a chance they did something about Hina.
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woahh the choice of color here is so beautiful!
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Very glad that you like it. ^^
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Bloody glad to hear it. :3
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This is a really interesting idea~
Suika was always frustrating to me in IaMP, I might just suck at the fighting games though :^(
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She beat me in IaMP too. ^^'
The most funny thing is that I hopeless both in fightings and dammaku shooters. I spent a lot of time before I beat Remilia on Normal. 
The only fighting where I don't loose instantly is Skullgirls. :c
ElvishChozo's avatar
Touhou games in general are hard ;u;
U-Joe's avatar
We love them not for the gameplay after all. ^^'''
ElvishChozo's avatar
Yup, true. I can never get past normal or easy mode on ZUN's original games.....
U-Joe's avatar
And it isn't necessary, m'lady. Normal mode is for too persistent persons, "Lunatic and Extra are for autists and pianists".
ElvishChozo's avatar
Hah! I'm a pianist, but I utterly suck at anything above normal mode.
U-Joe's avatar
Heh, it seems that I hit bull's eye with closed eyes. ^^'
Hmm, I envy you a bit. You can play music you like just for fun. Maybe even "Septette for the dead Princess" or something like that.
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daaamn, that's really cool! good job!
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Thanks a lot. ^^
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Hina Defeat the Evil Suika and Save the world! :iconhinaspinplz:
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She will defeat her with the deadliest weapon known to the entire universe: HINA FACE!


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Wow, this is just. Wow. Suika's design here is familiar but very different, and the overall feeling of this piece is pretty awesome. Hard to say what's best about it. Very awesome overall though!
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I'm very glad to know that you like this picture. And the more important thing is that you wasted some time to express your thoughts and feelings. Thank you very much.
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