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Palanquin Ship

By U-Joe
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I hesitate that you may find the note about this battle in the Palanquin Ship's logbook. But you may find the article in old Bunbunmaru Newspaper.

Other pictures of Aya:……
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Steampunk + Touhou
Тысяча чертей, ХОЧУ ЕЩЁ!
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Terпение, Вилли, теrпение.
Всё будет.
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Вилли дотеrпелся.
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I didn't know the palaquin ship shape like a Tireme.
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Well, I just wanted to draw something with a ram. 
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beatiful picture... although Aya dress is a bit out of place for dogfight though
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There is Russian saying, "From a ship to a ball (dance, I mean)". It is used when situation changes so swiftly that you have no time to prepare and to change a cloth. In Aya's case it seems that she came from a ball to a ship. ^^'
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Thanks a lot. 
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You did a really good job with Aya's outfit. I wonder if it's difficult to manoeuvre in such long skirt.
I see Murasa and (onlooking) Nazrin are putting the cannons to good use in getting rid of their "guest."

Steampunk is really where you shine. Salutations to your skill.
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Thank you very much.
Steampunk, eh? Maybe it is not bad idea to draw something else in this genre.

>>I wonder if it's difficult to manoeuvre in such long skirt
Well, I suppose it is difficult to 
manoeuvre in a skirt of any length... But if I force these flying girls to wear sealed pressure suit (like that one on the picture below), they wouldn't look Touhou-like.…
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Heh. Yeah, that wouldn't.
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This came out a lot better than that one of Marisa and Meiling where they looked like buff men.

Whatever you did here that was different, I think you should keep doing it. Really great.
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Thank you very much. I'm glad to know that I did everything properly this time.
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That tengu is so beautiful.  Aya is just...  she makes me drool.  I know I truly love Yukari, but Aya is still..  just wow...
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If Aya has at least one thimbleful of psychic ability, she should feel the echo of your love.…
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Aw, she looks really pretty there.  And it would not surprise me at all.
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Looking a bit Steampunk here. Love it!
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Glad to hear it. ^^
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