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Watatsuki sisters and the Moon rabbits from Touhou Project game series.
Here's the previous picture about them:…
It seems the Lunar Army became more battleworthy during the last few months.
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Lunar arsenal is sick D=

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The Lunarians were Imperial Citizens all along...
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Thank you very much.
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Круто однако
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Рад, что понравилось. 
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.. it just me, or the mech look like some Tau battlemech, and the ship look just like a 40k imperial warship ?
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There was no single thought about Tau when I drew it. But the ships really look like Imperial Navy ships.
Правый зайчонок годный.
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Тохе он тоже понравился, что характерно.
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Awesome artstyle and high level of detail, just like in your drawings before. Nice job!
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Oh, thank you very much.
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I love looking your paintings! There are so many neat little things cleverly hidden in them! :D
Was it your intention to make paint IG flak armor? lol .
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Glad to hear it. ^^
Well, it wasn't my intention to draw the full IG armor. I drew helmets and understood that girls look skinny in them. So I added shoulder pads, and after that I couldn't stop. Girls became too IG-like, but it was too late to change something.
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Moar mecha!  And once again, I think I see someone in the background.
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Probably you've not mistaken. :3
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And then Iron Sky happened.
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