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Koishi Komeiji and Rin Kaenbyou from Touhou Project game series.
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Plasticfantastic4554's avatar
This makes me think of the song "wish you were here" by "pink floyd"
Cauaassombrado's avatar
isso por algum motivo me da medo
Koishi-tyan's avatar
run away from home?QAQSatori feels very sad..Kotori Crying Icon 
RinLu's avatar
I like this feel!Thanks for your work.
U-Joe's avatar
Thank you, m'lady.
ElvishChozo's avatar
All of your works are so amazing and interesting! They really are a breath of fresh air.
U-Joe's avatar
Well, I'll try to provide you with some more "fresh air" in the future.
mrperson14's avatar
i'll set this as new wallpeper and i've had my old wallpaper for like 2 years.
U-Joe's avatar
It fills my heart with pride.
Qpax's avatar
This is really absolutely amazing piece of touhou fanart. It would also make really good wallpaper. Such a shame that it's only low resulotion. So it's not my place to ask this but in your free time is it possible to make at least HD resulotion, I mean wallpaper version of this fine artwork please? That would be really nice to have 1080p version of this image on my desktop and keep up with good work as always o/
Qpax's avatar
Anyways I tried to make it on my own, sorry and ignore my request above and keep up with good work ^^''
U-Joe's avatar
I'm very glad that you like it.
There is a 4000x2400 version available. I always upload full rezolution versions. There is no sence to hide them, right?

>>ignore my request above
Don't worry. ^^''''''''''
I hope you enjoy your new desktop picture. ^__^
Muirtower's avatar
That's beautiful!  This entire picture is teeming with emotion.  Good job.
U-Joe's avatar
Thanks a lot.
kyuyushin's avatar
Me intriga y me atrae este trabajo

In other words I really like it :3
sayonara :3 
U-Joe's avatar
I'm glad that you like it, sir. :3
hollownekomaiden's avatar
nice now all you need to do so i can die happy is draw koishi from subtearranean rose
U-Joe's avatar
Unfortunately, I have no proper idea of Koishi in such an outfit now. So it seems you'll never die. :3
U-Joe's avatar
Yes, lady, I remember about it. ^^'''''
deltari2's avatar
I like the deep theme of the background,kinda like in a gloomy railway.I wonder where Koishi is going too :D (lucky she's not alone this time)
U-Joe's avatar
Who knows, where is such a wanderer going... Interesting, hasn't Rin cursed that day when she decided to accompany Koishi to such a dreary place? ^^
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