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Hive city

Yakumo clan from Touhou Project game series. Yukari Yakumo has the ability to manipulate boundaries, including boundaries between the worlds. No wonder that she reached this Imperium-like world.

I planned to draw the bright future city first, but the initial idea was corrupted, because month ago I played the Dark Heresy with friends. All these stories about grim darkness of the far future changed the final version of the picture. The Dark Heresy is really scary game. That time ~700 innocent imperial citizens died and huge cathedral was destroyedbecause of my bad habit to shoot first and to think later. That story is funny, ridiculous and scary a bit. If it would be interesting for somebody, I'll tell it.
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"Those mutants are the Lady Governor's pets, Acolyte. Injure them at your own peril."
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The new faction in 40k
It must be Heretical World because Ran and Chen (who are mutants in people`s eyes) still not purged
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I hope the Space Marines doesn't spotted them..they might call heresy! or Demon and start attacking,,,which wouldn't be pleasant result.
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Even for Yukari it is hard to meet a space marine, I suppose. Everything should be OK.
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What the fuuu... It's so awesome! I just love your artstyle! :happybounce: And Chen is as carefree as ever :D From what you said, the Dark Heresy sounds quite interesting. When I'm entirely done with Dishonored (nice game as well, I can definitely recommend it), I might try that game, too. If I don't forget about it anyway :D
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Thank you. ^__^
Dark Heresy grants pretty much fun if you can find both a sensible Game Master and adequate players who want not only to shoot and gain experience.
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Yess please make more crossovers!
I've always wondered what would happen if an inquisitor found his way to Gensokyo 
probably would get rekt by Yukari 
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>>please make more crossovers!
It is hard to mix different settings and do not cross the border between fun and nonsense.

 what would happen if an inquisitor found his way to Gensokyo
If there will be the acolytes like those guys who usually play Dark Heresy with me, they certainly will get rekt by Yukari. If there will be somebody more serious... Well, who knows. ^^'
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I remember that there was a huge forum style story about a crossover between Touhou and 40k. As I understand it, it got spectacularly strange and was strangely spectacular.

Wait, is that a statue of Yukari I see in the background? I'm sure she would be known as a powerful psyker within 40k, along with her "mutant" companions, Ran and Chen.

Great work! Both on this and everything else in your gallery!
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Thanks a lot.

>>I remember that there was a huge forum style story about a crossover between Touhou and 40k
Although I try to avoid crossovers, it sounds interesting. Both settings are grim enough.

>> is that a statue of Yukari I see in the background?
Yes, it's Yukari statue. Interesting, how she became a saint there and avoided the attention of Imperial institutions like Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy.
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I'd imagine that if anyone became suspicious of Yukari that she would just warp away to some other world / time or just warp the inquisitor to somewhere...unpleasant. Then again, if she has a statue then she's probably done something that the Imperium approved of.
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Hmm, it's quite reasonable explanation.

>> she's probably done something that the Imperium approved of
Warped away enemy fleet, for example. The picture of a fleet advancing from the huge Yukari portal may look epic enough.
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Beautiful. You really have the ability to invoke all sorts of potentional backstories in your pictures.

From how you describe it, Dark Heresy sounds very interesting.
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Thanks a lot. Your words gave me idea about new picture. I should find some time to draw it.
>> Dark Heresy sounds very interesting
I'll try to describe one of the DH missions later, if you wish.
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Thanks. That would be great.
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In the darkness of far future there are only cute girls.
I really like the dark colors on foreground in contrast to the pale background!
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>>there are only cute girls
Well said.

Glad that you like the result.
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Wow, Yukari is beautiful.  Makes me also think of Maribel's story, since she lives in a world that is growing increasingly grim dark and she is working to turn a nightmare into a good dream.  Also noticed the statue in the background.  Her trademark mob cap is something my Yukari-loving eyes easily lock onto, specifically the ribbon/bow.

Usually she wears purple, she actually looks good in dark blue.  But yeah, not something I am used to seeing her in but yet still so very nice.  She really is a lovely lady.
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I remember that conversation that I've never drawn Yukari. So I fixed the situation.
Yes, it's Yukari's statue, some kind of badly hidden Easter egg.

>>Usually she wears purple
I know no single woman who wear the same cloth every day. ^^'
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Made me smile.  I feel better knowing that no matter what dark future comes, Yukari will always be there as a shining beacon of hope (from my perspective).
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