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Texture: Dusty Wood

One of my favourite textures. It's pretty old, but I never uploaded it here.

The texture looks decent as a webpage background or when used in 3D applications. It is fully tileable with no seams or overly perceptible repeating patterns.

I'm not sure what my restrictions for its use are, other than don't plagarize/pirate it. Permission is granted to use it in webpages free of charge, and must remain that way.

Permission is also granted to use it in any 3D project, and while the texture itself cannot be sold, original work made using it can, provided the texture remains freely copyable if applicable.

Other than that, modify, hack, destroy, and tweak to your liking. :P

Anyway.. enjoy. :P

EDIT: I forgot to mention.. this texture is not pictured based. The woodgrain was created from scratch in Photoshop and made tileable in GIMP.

EDIT2: Essentially, all the above permission jargon means:
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Grimtol Estates background

when i use this manip in the future would you like me to tag/ link back in the description?

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If you like. It will help more people find the source texture. Also please do send me a link in comments to the image you use it in; I love seeing how others use it. :)
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Rotyr ref

ive already done one ref with it! so far ive linked back to the original picture with both of the stock used.

i like this alot, thanks to the author
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I'm glad you like it.
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Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad to hear people still find this useful.
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I need a credit along with the other stock artist, please.
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Added ^^; sorry about that!
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Used here:  Winter Ballet
Thanks for sharing! :D
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Thank you very much for this texture! It's amazing (and it isn't even real wood! :o ) I used it as floor covering in my house model for school. It really gives a realistic feeling to the little room :)
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I'm glad you liked it and found it useful. :)
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Thanks for letting me know. n.n
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Question: How did you create from scratch the wood-grain?
I'm going to use this for my US Government Project. I'll share it to you once i'm done.
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Honestly I don't even remember. I was messing around with Photoshop filters and warp one day and this was the result. Try to set up a rain effect and then warp it until it looks like wood. The panel lines were added later using the grid filter in GIMP.
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I will use this on a project I'm working on currently. :)
Project not nearly done, but a piece of it is and I used your texture:
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