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Dear my Czech followers (or in the past called Czechoslovakian or even further in the past, Bohemian)!

I wish to ask if you could help me find information on two topics:

1. Information on Theodor Novotny, a Czech born Naval Architect of the Austro-Hungarian Navy

2. Information and History regarding the development of the Skoda Naval Guns:
30,5cm Naval Gun, primary the 50 calibre one intended for the Viribus Unitis class Battleships but due to development issues the older 45 calibre used instead.
34.5cm and later 35cm Naval Guns (in 40,45 and 50 calibre types) intended for the Ersatz Monarch / Improved Tagetthoff class battleships.
If possible any other larger calibre Naval guns which was existing only on paper (38cm and 42cm both 40,45 and 50 calibres) by the end of WW1 and intended for the post war Navy.

Regarding the last three (the 35,38 and 42cm) Norman Friedman's Naval Weapons of World War I provides some brief information on them regarding limited development information and general data.

I thought finding articles in original Czech language or on Czech forums might result in more history and development data, also some insight of the Skoda heavy weapons arms which might could help me. And possible translations in english.

Care to help me?
You guys might noticed that I sporadically post new drawings in the couple of previous months.
The cause of this because I not just have a regular job though I draw mostly at my work time :D
But mostly because I have a side job at Topside minis:
Maybe some of you guys know this company?

I draw top view warship drawings for their tabletop naval game and I prioritize these drawings over my ideas and between two sets I draw what I like hence there are weeks when I post drawings almost daily and there are weeks when I post nothing.
You can see some of my works in the WW1 section (newer ships and Jutland set):…
or the entirety of the Tsushima section:…

So I'm not disappearing in the depths of the Carpathian basin but rather quite busy working with Topsideminis.
Anybody among the people who follow me can speak Polish and/or Italian?
And willing to translate a 3 page strong article for me?
This is mostly for me to write down who requested what drawing from me in the warship theme. For those who did not get on the list but asked me to draw something please send a note or reply here so I would not forget them again :)
The list does not imply any order of work!
Also I'm European (Hungarian) so I always use the metric system first

Now to business:

From Icelance669 :iconicelance669:
Alternate Universe Big gun cruiser (Pocket Battleship)
189,37 x 22,76 x 8,18m
16.480tons full load (13.000ton standard???)
Engine: Unknown
Speed: 55km/h
Armour: Belt: 142mm, Deck: 117mm
2x3 287mm Cannons
8x2 147mm DP guns
14x2 40mm AA guns
22x1 27mm AA guns
4x3 559mm torpedo tubes
Progress: Finished

Alternate Universe Henry Morgan-class Battleship
224,87 x 31 x 9,92m Bulbous bow, Warspite type bridge
39.850tons standard
Engine: Unknown
Speed: 57km/h
Armour: 394mm belt, 89mm deck
4x3 381mm Cannons
12x1 152mm Casemated guns
7x2 114mm DP-AA guns
8x8, 12x2 40mm Pom-pom AA guns
44x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
Progress: Finished

From zagoreni010 :iconzagoreni010:
Modernised Unryu in the 1950's with angled flight deck appropriate sensors and probably guns (USN type will be chosen this is sure)
Modernised Kii class battleship in the 1950's, not sure how would this look like though, mixed IJN architecture and USN AA weaponry probably
Progress: Both Finished

From tanyakapton :icontanyakapton:
Redrawing her own ship design in my style:
218 x 32 x 10m
Displacement: Unknown
Engine: Unknown
Speed: 44-46km/h
Armour: Belt: 350mm, Deck: 160mm
3x4 386mm Cannons
16x1 142mm Casemated guns
8x1 80mm AA guns
4x1 410mm Torpedo Tubes
Will have to reduce the styles to around two otherwise it will look like a Frankenstein ship.
Progress: Finished

From Delaney8 :icondelaney8:
Alternative history Baikal class Soviet battleship
1920/30's design, improved Ganguts
45.000tons full load (37.000tons standard?), 46km/h
3x2 457mm Cannons
20x1 152mm Casemated guns
Progress: Not yet started.

Alternative history Sovietskaya Konstitutsia class Soviet battlecruiser
BC versions of the Baikals early 1930's design
38.000tons full load (32.000tons standard?), 54km/h
2x3,1x2 381mm Cannons
Unknown number of secondary guns in turrets, DP-guns?
Progress: Not yet started.

Alternative history Krasnaya Bessarabiya class Soviet battleship
early/mid 1940's design, improved Sovietskiy Soyuz
Displacement unknown, hull same as Sovietskiy Soyuz
2x3 480mm Cannons all forward
6x2 180mm Guns 2 aft, 2 per side
other guns as on the Sovietskiy Soyuzes
Progress: Not yet started.

Alternative history Great Lakes class USN battlecruiser
Modified, enlarged Alaskas, similar hull but wider and two funnels, catapult aft
42.000tons full load (35.000tons standard), 61km/h
3x2 406mm Cannons Mark 2 (Lexignton ones) Mark 7 guns are not compatible with the turrets
8x2 127mm DP-AA Guns
Progress: Not yet started.

Alternative history Michigan class USN battleship
Enlarged Montana with some Des Moines elements 61km/h
minimum 304,8m x 41,15m
110.000tons standard minimum but this is too small for USN armour scheme (protect against own weapons)
3x3 508mm Cannons
16-18x2 127mm DP-AA guns (Too many turrets)
Progress: Not yet started.

From VoidSamukai :icontheabyssalsamurai:
1945 versions of Akagi and Kaga if they would survived that long and incorporating the proposed but cancelled post midway refit.
Progress: Kaga is done.

From uglygosling :iconuglygosling:
Modernised South Dakota I class Battleship
Progress: Finished

I might have to cancel some of these requests due to time passed and lack of opportunity to finish. As for which to cancel it's still undecided but I would go for the Michigan class and the hypothetical Soviet warships and maybe the modernised Akagi.
As you guys know I rarely post journals, mostly when I need of something or an extraordinary event happens. But this I ask for helping hands

For my followers, watchers and friends, as you know the anime and anime style drawings I colour, most of the time lacks background or only have basic ones. This is why I ask if there are somebody willing to make background linearts for my drawings which I can colour and thus improve the quality of these drawings by a considerable amount.

Are there any artist there who are interested?
For my followers, watchers and friends:

Sorry for not uploading any art recently but my laptop died on the 3rd day of Christmas (December 26, for us Hungarians Christmas is 3 day long and we got our presents on the late afternoon, early evening of December 24.) so I could not work on any of the drawings or colour any lineart. But hopefully this Friday (January 9.) I will recieve a new one and then I can resume my work.

As a preview of what I intend to finish:
A wagon drawing of Transarctica
Finish someday this spaceship:
Draw a what if battleship which is a mix of Nelson and Tillman designs
An Asobi ni Iku Yo / Cat Planet Cuties colourisation
One or two Hyper Police Colourisation
A naughty Shrine Maiden foxgirl and tentacle attack colourisation
Some newer were warship design maybe?

So stay tuned :)
Does anybody among the people who watch me day after day, have skills in creating animation?

Like from a plain drawing making a gif to animate it? A vehicle's wheels for example and a moving background?

Your ever favourite colourizer artist:
Yes, my 1 month long exile, initiated by Deviant has ended now.

The reason of this long ban was that I've uploaded a drawing which DA did not liked, and removed it but I've re-uploaded it and they noticed it...

So now I need time to organize the 10.000+ notices and the few drawings I wished to upload.
So well err..

As you can see I rarely write journals, it isn't really my thing.

I though you could ask anything from me, the artist who prefer colourizations.

So you guys and girls, ladies and gentleman can ask anything about me. What I like or dislike, my religious or political views, private or not private things.
I will try to answer them but for the private parts I either do it through notes or reserve my right to not answer at all :)

So give it all to me!
I wish to ask artist who would draw Linearts for me which in return I will colour. Basically a Co-operation or art trade sort of thing.

Anybody will do who can draw nice line arts, who are among my watchers or just see this journal.

Hope at least one person will join me!

That is all

TZoli Over and Out!

To see which person is the best I create a competition, whoever wants to join me (not just for 1-1 pictures, this is a long time partnership, I can ask to draw you can ask to colour etc). So to test who is the best, I request a lineart of the catgirl on the right side of the page:…
(of course in larger size)
I've been tagged for some time ago and I thought I return the favour. Maybe I remember wrong but maybe I was tagged much earlier so if that person still watches me please contact me :)

So I've been tagged by :iconanxel-mds:
1. Pick 10 friends.
2. then go to this website:…
3. type in the username of your friend and choose the gender, then click 'random fact'
4. copy what comes up and paste it in this journal.
5. continue this for the rest of your list.
6. have fun! and tag as many people as you want!
7. whoever tags you has to be in your list somewhere!

1.: Guantuanamo Bay, Cuba, is the military code-word for ":iconseka09:'s basement".

2.: The term "Cleveland Steamer" got its name from :iconsilverscarcat:, when he took a dump while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and buried northern Ohio under a glacier of fecal matter.

3.: :iconcoatlyu:'s first job was as a paperboy. There were no survivors.

4.: :iconexperimental-thing: was once in a knife fight, and the knife lost.

5.: When :iconienkoron:talks, everybody listens. And dies.

6.: :iconperverted-dan-hibiki: is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

7.: :iconsmokeyandthebandit: can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.

8.: We live in an expanding universe. All of it is trying to get away from :icondaemonkitty1316:

9.: Hellen Keller's favorite color is :iconranmano1fan:

10.: On his birthday, :iconsacredmaster: randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.

Now let's see who I have tagged?:
:iconseka09: :iconsilverscarcat: :iconcoatlyu: :iconexperimental-thing: :iconienkoron: :iconperverted-dan-hibiki: :iconsmokeyandthebandit: :icondaemonkitty1316: :iconranmano1fan: :iconsacredmaster:
As some of you know I've had problems colouring drawings which are pure line arts and do not contained any shading of grey. I either refused them or asked some other artist to do the shading for me which then I coloured. This was because the software I use (Recolored) did not liked those pictures.
This however probably change in the near future. I have to make a few tests to be sure I am able to do it but I'm optimistic about it :)
Thanks to some tips about using the Paint Tool SAI I could achieve it, so stay tuned.
Today of June the 30th I've got my official Degree Certificate of Bachelor's Degree in Business Information Technologist, Specialized in E-Business.
Because of this event during the next week from those who ask me to colour a drawing, picture or photo of their choice I will choose 10 people to do so. So at the next Sunday I will decide who those be to get a coloured drawing from me :)

But there is at least two option you must consider:
No pure Line Drawings! Meaning it should have shades in it.
It must be acceptable by Deviantart! Meaning not excessive porn. Erotic is okay :)

To my Hungarian Watchers:

Ma, Június 30-án megkaptam a Főiskolai végzettségű okelvelemet Gazdasági Informatiuks Szakon és E-gazdasági Szakirányból.
Eme okból a következő héten akik kívánnak tőlem, hogy színezzek ki egy rajzot, képet vagy fotót azok közül fogok 10-et kiválasztani és kiszínezni!

De van legalább két feltétel:
Nem lehet tiszta vonalrajz, azaz lennie kell a rajzon árnyékolásnak
Olyan képnek kell lennie amit a Deviantart elfogad, azaz ne legyen pornó, de erotikus lehet :)
As the title says I wish to have a person or persons who like to help me expanding my abilities in drawing manga characters. Tutoring me, telling me how to and how not to draw the different things, and stays in contact me for this purpose.
Today I got my Drawing Tablet PC, a Wacom Bamboo Touch and Pen CTH-470. So in the near future I will start to draw and upload them here, stay Tuned!!!
Soo many are said they love how I draw what I upload. I have enough telling them I just only colourize so I make this journal kind of thing to tell you guys I only colourize the drawings I upload.
The only things I draw is the Line drawings! of course I will learn how to draw but for that I need the necessary tools.
You will now when I will draw my first work I will be excited for sure, but until then I continue to colourize others great works.
I think I write these kind of journals to show which drawings, paintings and pictures I wish to colourize in the future.
You fellow Deviantart artist could of course make suggestions on what should I colourize next.

Here are the current list:

Non Deviantart ones:
Asobi ni Iku Yo: (Lots of!!!)
Many but the links would not work.

Recently I was thinking maybe I should change the skin colours of the coloured drawings I uploaded.
I need your guys opinion which colour is better for the skin tones of my colourizations?
The current yellowish, or a pinkish colour?

Here are some examples of such differences:



Please comment!