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Ring of the Drow Priestess

This is one of my University pieces for my third and final year of studying. I've been working on two characters and their jewellery:

One is an evil drow priestess, the other is a good human.

This is a sterling silver ring for the drow priestess. I have made a matching bracelet and am currently working on a pendant, neckpiece and two more bracelets. Its not very elaborate and over the top, as I want it to be wearable.
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All I wear is silver jewelry... this and the bracelet both are something I'd add to my current pile o'shiny things. *grins* Very well done on both.
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Thank you very much. Shiny things are such wonderful things to have. :love:

Well, I am a manufacturing jeweller, so I do make these drow pieces for the purpose of selling. ;P
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Yea, but I know you wouldn't sell it to me at the price I can afford nor nor would I ask you to because I know alot of work goes into making them. *grins* Maybe i'll commission something from you in a few months when I get some extra cash.
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That can be the problem with Deviant Art. So many things to buy, but not enough cash to go round to getting it. :( I know of a zillion things I want to get from creators here on dA - ranging from armour to prints - but, as you say, a lot of the stuff getting made here takes the makers many hours.

At the same time, I am working on making pieces that aren't as time consuming to help make things more affordable. (I have a horrible habit of over-complicating things!)
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Yea, I over complicate stuff too... like my writing when doing stories. *chuckles* I'm not talented enough to do jewelry, I've tried before.
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Ah yes... I guess my "over complicating jewellery" problem in writing terms would be that you would try and write a page long introduction and it ends up being 20 pages? And then its completely impossible to shorten it. :XD:

Fortunately, I studied jewellery so I learned a lot through many assignments given to me and my work experience after studying. If its something you haven't done much of, you have to give it and yourself some time to get used to. So don't write it off too hastily ;) I spent about three years of my studying not believing I could make jewellery before I realized I had to be a little patient and less brutal on myself. ;P
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Beautiful work :)
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I love the ring. Where's the rest?
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Thanks. :) My other drow stuff can be seen here:

Drow Neckpiece - Oxidized
Drow Spider Bracelet - Oxidized
Drow Spider Ring - Oxidized
Drow Neckpiece - Polished
Drow Spider Bracelet - Polished
Drow Spider Pendant - Oxidized
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love it! and I wish I had one... t'is soooo beautiful!!
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Thank you. :) I can make them up for selling too - I am also about to start working on a variation of this ring, with a spider web instead of the curling wires...
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wish I could buy some of your stuff but I don't have a shopping account for online stuff! lol but I will get one eventually!
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Online shopping accounts are a pain in the neck for anyone without a credit card! I don't have a credit card, so I can totally relate to your problem. It's a real pain, as I would only need one for online shopping - which is a bit of a silly reason for getting one, I guess. :( Ah well....
Audra-Azar's avatar
lol yes but sometimes you find the best thing online than seeing them in the store!
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hey, I was just wondering, what kind of university- education do you do? You say here that you made this ring (an extremely beautiful one by the way, though I don't like spiders *shivers*) for your university...
I'm asking because I'm currently busy with exams and lost at what I'm supposed to'do an university bachelor in art where you actually make things instead of learning art history sounds great...
( I don't know if your university is like the ones here but I'll just go with that)
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
For where I'm from, we have universities and technikons. I did a year at university (a different course though) and it was heavy on the written work and essays, with a fair amount of practical work.

I ended up dropping that course and shifting to the technikon to do a diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. It was almost completely practical only - benchwork and design work (technical drawings and colour renderings) - if we had an "essay" to do, it was a pathetic half page paragraph and nothing like the essays I did in Varsity. xD

So, this wasn't so much in the general field of art, but really focused on jewellery only and developing the students to be goldsmiths/silversmiths.

I think the difference is where you study. At varsity, I think you get a more indepth knowledge on where your subject of choice has come from and where it is going, as well as the practical side... At tech, its very hands on and practical - you are given the tools, told how they work, and you are taught to create stuff with them.

In terms of a BA, varsity will offer the Bachelor of Arts, whilst tech will offer a diploma in Fine Arts. Varsity will have a lot of research and essay writing on art history and I believe (I could be terribly wrong here) that they cover all sorts of varieties of art? Music, drama, ceramics etc. You get subject packages, so you could probably pick the ones you wanted to focus on, but you would attend compulsory subjects that are core to the BA degree.

The Fine Arts diploma would lightly cover history but get you painting/sculpting/etc really fast - your exams are to create, your final exam is an exhibition. What I have heard is that you can get torn apart in Fine Arts and that it is really brutal for some (emotionally) especially if are battle to articulate the "stuff" behind your work - I know I battled to talk about my work in tech, and it led to rough times! It could really be about spilling your soul and having your lecturers spit on it...give it a kick around...throw some dust on it... It could be quite...upsetting to say the least. :P

What I did before I studied Jewellery Design and Manufacture (and after the year at varsity) was that I did an Art Foundation Course at the technikon. It was a strange fate that lead me to it, but I had no regrets doing it. I had done art right through my school life and had the marks to study Graphic Design (what I thought I wanted to do), but I was late in applying, so they recommended I do the foundation course. It was a fun course that was a year long and covered all the creative departments at the tech. We got to do projects from graphic design, fine arts, fashion design, interior design and jewellery. It was a bit of an eye opener to the creative world and I realized that I didn't actually want to do Graphic Design, but either Fine Arts or Jewellery. The course also was a foot in the door, cos the lecturers from all departments came and looked at our work and monitored us for the year, so we had a better chance of getting accepted into the courses we picked.

Whew! Long post. :D If you are unsure of what to do, I would look around for something similar to the art foundation course I mentioned above. Also, decide whether you are a person who is completely practical and hates the paperwork or whether you learn better by the book and enjoy the research to help decide between tech and varsity (if you have the options where you are).

Hope I didn't put you to sleep. :lol:
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No, still right awake here ^^
thank you, I think this helpes...and I knew that when you go studying in the art directions your work gets chewed on and stuff...guess I can handle it, but I usuallu go with l'art pour l'art, and don't have much symbolic behind it. An here in the Netherlands that tends to be important on the art acadamies...ah well, I'll have a look at things :D

and thanks again :lol:
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Glad I could help. I'm not sure if all institutions use the technique to "break you down" then "build you up" in the art world. That's all I have been exposed to. :)

Good luck with whichever course you pick!
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Wow. This is just...beautiful. And it doesn't hurt that I love spiders. ;)
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Thanks. :D This was the first spider piece I did, and it only help enforce my liking them. :)
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A very beautiful piece of Jewelry
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