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Bracelet of the Drow Priestess

This is the bracelet that matches the "Ring of the Drow Priestess". It is also in silver, but I may oxidize it (along with the ring) to make the set look aged and well-used.

I was thinking of putting a spider on some of the webs, like the spider on the ring, but it may look overdone when worn with the ring.

Edit (20 August 2008, 7:24pm):
I will be making more of this bracelet for stock to sell. Email me if you are interested.
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Apr 17, 2007, 3:24:57 AM
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I love the bracelet. Brilliant work.
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
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I love how each link looks like a door. Into some creepy but wonderful Narnia-esque place, I imagine. :D
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Ooo! I didn't think of that. :nod: Drow Priestess bracelet of portals. Sound pretty epic...
Drider-Queen's avatar
I love this bracelet... You do awesome work ! :D
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Thanks for the compliment. :)
Aranglinn's avatar
wow, looks like a lot of work
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
It was....alright. :P I did make moulds and cast it, but I am working on moving away from that. Keeping to hand making everything....not sure how I will manage, but we will see. xD
Aranglinn's avatar
well, I wish I could do castings, what do you use for that? you have all the machines and stuff?
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
I used to have access to the equipment myself. :S Unfortunately, its a bit expensive to set up! You need wax injectors, vulcanizes, silicon powder and moulding stuff, a kiln, debubbliser thingy, and either a centrifugal casting thing....or one of those other casting machine. :D I don't know how extravagant or necessary any of these things are...I know there are some other ways of doing things like what these machines do, but that is what I was taught with, so I am going to have to do some serious research on it all! xD
Aranglinn's avatar
you used to? and what about now?

well, I kew that I needed all those machines... I was just hoping there was a simpler (cheaper) way xD (yeah, I mean, I know there are, but don't know them neither u_u
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Well, I can send stuff to a person who does casting for people. Basically all he does, ofc that means he puts a markup on the metal and you pay for his labour. Or I made make each thing. So its his markup vs my time.

As a substitute, I know with mould making there is RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) where you build a box with perspex and chloroform and use like a white silicon goo with a few drops of a catalyst....I have the info typed up somewhere, just have to find it. :S

Wax injecting...I still don't know a way....
Bebubblizing... also not to sure...
Casting....I know there is other methods like sling casting (scary) and sand casting (can be used for swords I believe...) But I'm really not sure about that either.

So, so far....only mould making is clear to me. :S Unless you do cuttlefish casting.
Aranglinn's avatar
I think I'll have to find somewhere or someone to do the casting first, maybe with my current level of comissions that'd help me to save mone and afford at least some of the machines.

on the other hand, I still want to try all the other methods xD

many thanks, again
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Np. I would definitely look at trying the other methods. Maybe get some books on it? I know Tim McCreight is pretty handy to have when you want to look up things quickly. I'm pretty sure he did a little book/booklet on casting....Hmmmm...Now that I'm saying that, I think I should go look myself! In the meantime, maybe look for someone else to do the casting til then.
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ajazzydancer's avatar
nice work like your design
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Yeah, it is! Ha ha ha. I didn't know you were a member of deviant.
twee's avatar
Miriel? hope this is you, stumbled on your work...its Theresa!
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
That you again for all the compliments. I'm hoping to get off my lazy backside and make some other pieces in my spare time.
Bampire's avatar
I'm inlove...
laru-dur's avatar
ohhhhh pretty spider webs that are nicely done. I love it.
note: good choice on not put the spiders on the webs would of been over done and a little expected if you know what i mean. awsome piece though. ^_^
Tzel-ha-Lyla's avatar
Thank you all for your compliments. I like the idea of wearing one on each wrist!

Thanks for helping me decide on the spider issue. I'll save them for another piece.
Sumosami's avatar
Love it, v cool :D
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