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Monster Hunter 4 brought a couple new types of monster species into the main cast. One of the most interesting of these new species was the Snake Wyverns. Najarala and its Tidal subspecies presented a pretty unique design style and fight. Najarala is encountered fairly early on and its quick movements were pretty surprising. Najarala seems to focus on overwhelming and disorienting its enemies, striking them from all sides and boxing them in with its long body. It's definitely a challenging fight with the difficulty increasing further at G. Tidal Najarala added its deadly water projectiles to the mix making it even hard to to focus on the main target. I found that fast or evasive weapons worked well against both species of Najarala. The Charge Blade's fluid strikes and powerful bursts got me through those fights. Najarala will be returning in Generations but not its subspecies. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the dynamics of the fights change with the introduction of styles and Hunter Arts.
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