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MH Tri-Fusions - Yian Daoracrus

So here we are at the end of the great experiment. As shown here, this is the result of the final fusions of each component, Kut-Ku, Lagiacrus, and Kushala Daora which gives us Yian Daoracrus. When creating the final result, my plan is to decide on one major classification of the three and then explain the elemental affinities. 

For Yian Daoracrus, I chose the Elder Dragon classification. Its body type would probably be something like Kushala or Alatreon with a quadrupedal frame and a separate set of wings. Elemental affinity-wise, it commands all three of the elements, fire, thunder, and wind. Its nickname is the "Blazebolt Dragon" to signify this. 

For the design, I struggled finding the right combination of dominant traits. This is actually the second time I drew Yian Daoracrus as the first version I felt didn't really look distinct. The jaws take the jagged layering of Kut-ku but retain the tapered shape of Kushala and Lagiacrus. The plating transitions to jagged ridges and end with two horns like Kushala. I opted to keep Lagiacrus' blue coloring rather than have it change over to its reddish horns. The neck is thinner and widens closer to the body like Kut-ku and I tried to combine both Lagiacrus and Kushala's armored plating on the top and underside. Running along the inner section of the neck is the textured sections which are glowing with electrical energy. I imagine this type of layering would also be present on the creature's body and limbs, making it clear when it's charging. The colored section of the eye is retained from Kut-ku with its round iris. I also added the long fins along the neck and side of the head, a nod to Kut-ku's ears. Overall, this monster looks like it would have a slim yet well-armored frame. I wanted to shoot for something that would be more streamlined and built for speed like Kushala or Kut-ku rather than the bulkier build of Lagiacrus.

Working on this Tri-fusion taught me some interesting lessons. From a composition point of view, I learned that noticeable traits and elements need to be carefully emphasized so they don't get lost in each drawing. In addition, there has to be some balance between the different traits so one set doesn't dominate the concept piece. I've also learned that for something this complex, using just head-shots of each fusion doesn't always show enough of the piece and for future Tri-fusions, I think it will be better to just draw the full body of the creature. I do intend to do this for these four but next time I'll just start there and not do heads.

I think that's about it! As I learn more about drawing things digitally, I hope to take some of the lessons learned here and apply them going forward. I've got many other Monster Hunter fusion ideas I'm playing with so we'll see what happens!

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alatreon + glacial agnaktor + yian daoracrus = glacian daoratron
TyvridKizuna's avatar
That almost sounds like the name of a Transformers character!
Narukaruga's avatar
Jhen, Rathalos, and Jho might be interesting... (I'm trying to follow the suggested rules that you posted in the comment chain with Inferno-The-Dragon)
TyvridKizuna's avatar
Interesting idea. Those are three very different monsters. Any of the fusions involving Jhen would be massive.
Narukaruga's avatar
Yeah, but it would be awesome to see ingame! ...If only a 3DS or whatnot could process something so massive!
EdgeLordGuy's avatar
That middle one looks epic. Capcom should really use fan made monsters as an inspiration.
TyvridKizuna's avatar
Part of the challenge of these is coming up with a good combination of attributes that works. I do plan on posting some full drawings of each fusion at some point. The final one will definitely be the most challenging.
DragonLord-Inferno's avatar
May i make a suggestion?
DragonLord-Inferno's avatar
A Rathalos and Crimson Fatalis fusion.
And a Crimson Fatalis and Alatreon fusion.
How's that?
TyvridKizuna's avatar
Interesting idea. There are a couple rules that I'm trying to follow when I do these fusions though:

1. Because they're "Tri-fusions", there has to be a total of 3 monsters.
2. The monsters can't be of similar elemental affinities. That means no more than one fire breathing/fire based/fire dwelling monster per group.
3. Each of the three in the batch have to be from a different species or classification. As we saw in this one, you had a Bird Wyvern, a Leviathan, and an Elder Dragon. The point of this rule is to try and have as many contrasting elements as possible so it's more of a challenge to create something that fuses them together. Crimson Fatalis and Alatreon in this example are both Elder Dragons. They have somewhat different body shapes but they're more or less four limb creatures with a pair of wings. Rathalos and Crimson Fatalis are both fire-based monsters and seem pretty similar outside their difference in species. 

I don't want to sound like I'm shooting down your idea arbitrarily. It's great that this project even got people commenting on it and I'm flattered.  I did want to explain a bit about why I chose the three I did here and how that's going to dictate what I do with other fusions. If this project ends up generating enough attention down the road, I might consider doing a set of 3 polls that determine what I fuse together as a sort of challenge. Each poll would be a set of monsters from class, species, or element and the top selected one from each would go into a fusion. 

Either way, I appreciate you taking time to check out the Tri-fusions. The one I'm going to work on next is going to be a bit different. It definitely won't be dragon-like and should be pretty challenging.
DragonLord-Inferno's avatar
How about this:
Gendrome, Rathalos, and Gore Magala.
How's that?
TyvridKizuna's avatar
That's an interesting idea for a combination. I hadn't thought about the dromes as a fusion component. I also haven't thought of one with Gore yet either. I'll put that idea down as a possibility for a future fusion!
DragonLord-Inferno's avatar
Well, i thought that it would make interesting results...
Anyway, i don't have any other ideas at the moment...
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