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[Chibi Project] The Kumoja



The final Clan in the series are called the Kumoja. Unlike any of their other neighbors on the respective home worlds, the Kumoja evolved from a race of insectile beasts that emerged during the primordial development of their planet. While very much humanoid after millions of years of evolution, the Kumoja exhibit some traits of their ancestors. The most notable physical feature of their Clan is the presence of their Runic Lines, pronounced markings on the surface of their skin. These marks are found on their faces and bodies are usually unique to genetic lines. Another innate feature of the Kumoja is their adaptive genetic structure. While not capable of active shape shifting like the Naikei, the Kumoja physiology can be augmented and manipulated with their technology. This has led to the adoption of physical enhancements or "Mod Use" to improve their society. The Kumoja are also able to manifest Kinetic energy for use in combat and its implementation is usually supplemented by Mod Use technology. 

Most likely a holdover from their insectile descendants, much of the Kumoja attire is inspired by layered shell-like designs. Both models in the concept piece here are wearing variations of combat armor. Overlapping ridged plated suits are commonly used, inset with crystal "eyes" that serve as both decorations and energy channeling focal points. Regular clothing is moderately covering and usually a mix of muted tan, yellow, or brown shades. 
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