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What is Oasis Days?

Oasis Days is my personal anthropomorphic animal project. It has a contemporary background setting, with a little bit of fantasy and sci-fi elements. It presents scenes of peaceful life of a small rural town, and a few other places the main characters visited.

Old names of the project

Because the development time of this project has been so long, it had been renamed a few times for various reasons. Regardless of the names, they all point to the same thing.
  • Oasis Days (current)
  • Oasis (x)
  • Equa (x)
  • inter.Natal (x)
  • Oasistown (x)

Current state and plans

Although I tried to write a story for this project, but it inevitably introduced conflicts, which worked against the peaceful life idea. Therefore I decided no meaningful story will be introduced. It will remain as a feel-good project, providing me a playground to explore designs of ordinary clothing and architecture, which I cannot do in Electric Hearts because of its settings. Oasis Days will stay and receive occasional character updates and new scenes.

* This article is a work-in-progress. It will be gradually expanded into a fully-fledged information portal.
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