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What is Electric Hearts?

Electric Hearts is a personal sci-fi project that I have been working on for almost two decades. It features robotic anthropomorphic animal characters, which I currently call "androids". The androids in Electric Hearts were originally developed by human. While human themselves had been wiped out after an apocalyptic event, some of their androids survived and they began to rebuild from what was left of the Earth Civilization. The project will follow generations of androids through the darkness of the post-apocalyptic Earth into the starlight of their inter-universal civilization, presenting their people, society and historical events of different time periods.

Names of the project

Because the development time of this project has been so long, it had been renamed a few times for various reasons. But regardless of the names, they all point to the same thing.
  • Electric Hearts (first and current name)
  • inter.Natal (x)
  • Oasis (x)
  • Xing (x)
  • SYNC (x)
  • A3 (x)

Current state and plans

  • DONE: Electric Heart's art style has been developed to the point that I can be satisfied with.
  • DONE: Many characters have been made, or at least have a sketch of what they roughly are.
  • DOING: The current task is writing the story (or history), and to decide how the story is told.
  • TO-DO: In what form the final product is presented has not been decided yet.

* This article is a work-in-progress. It will be gradually expanded into a fully-fledged information portal.

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