Electric Hearts

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What is Electric Hearts?

Electric Hearts is a personal sci-fi project that I have been working on for almost two decades. It features robotic anthropomorphic animal characters, which I currently call "androids". The androids in Electric Hearts were originally developed by human. While human themselves had been wiped out after an apocalyptic event, some of their androids survived and they began to rebuild from what was left of the Earth Civilization. The project will follow generations of androids through the darkness of the post-apocalyptic Earth into the starlight of their inter-universal civilization, presenting their people, society and historical events of different time periods.

Names of the project

Because the development time of this project has been so long, it had been renamed a few times for various reasons. But regardless of the names, they all point to the same thing.
  • Electric Hearts (first and current name)
  • inter.Natal (x)
  • Oasis (x)
  • Xing (x)
  • SYNC (x)
  • A3 (x)

Current state and plans

  • DONE: Electric Heart's art style has been developed to the point that I can be satisfied with.
  • DONE: Many characters have been made, or at least have a sketch of what they roughly are.
  • DOING: The current task is writing the story (or history), and to decide how the story is told.
  • TO-DO: In what form the final product is presented has not been decided yet.

* This article is a work-in-progress. It will be gradually expanded into a fully-fledged information portal.

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Cloud white is male or female?

DrPhoenixJKZ's avatar
This looks fun! By the way, Cloud White looks more like a boy in this v4 art, maybe it is just his eyes in the latest ones look too cute! 
^_< b 
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I like the original setting——transform into the android, it is kind of interesting to be an android......maybe .
KrJomo's avatar

I thought of a good idea when I saw your picture. If you just give me your permission, would you mind if I wanted to make it in 3d?
CatBot3000's avatar
If OnLy YoU wErE mAkInG a GaMe
DeviantEdgez's avatar
your work are always inspiring!
KalLance9349's avatar
I just love where you are going with this! I fell in love with many of your characters and their profiles (electric hearts, SYNC and Oasis days). They are so unique and very beautifully design. Really, i got no other words to express my love for your series. I don't know why, but i got a feeling that Electric Hearts is gonna be my favorite comic/webcomic of all time! 
KalLance9349's avatar
Oh I forgot, will all the SYNC characters be recast into Electric hearts? It'll be a pity if a lot of them are left out....
LupinKurt's avatar
I LOVE the world your building and can't wait to see this series flourish! As another creator of a long term mass project (in my case The Eclipse Network series) I must congratulate you on what you have accomplished and want you to know I'm rooting for ya! Even with only the framework to go off of I can tell this is an incredible world you have created! Keep up the insane work!

PS: I noticed you said the history includes inter-universal stuff, do you mean multiverse travel?
At risk of sounding like I'm pitching ( ^^; ) My big story (The Eclipse Network) is all about a inter-dimensional peace force that helps keep balance across the multiverse, encompassing my original content, fandoms, and even a few other creators worlds. if your androids are indeed dimension jumps it would be really cool if I could feature them in the EN multiverse. I'm trying to give the impression that litterally EVERY universe exists in my world and I would give you full credit for any Electric Heart character that pops up, (plus in my opinion im only good at drawing anthros and bots so this would kind of be a match made in heaven for me XD).
I would also be more than happy if you wanted to write/draw/whatever your own EN stuff and are free to use any of my races if you want!
Wow just remembered how much I ramble, should have sent this as a note.... oops.
anyway please contact me if you have any interest in a team up or whatever you have in mind. honestly contact me if you want nothing to do with it, I tend to worry what people think ^^;
...ima shut up now
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very lovely, is this a game, book or comic?
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Following a lot of your work from various projects and designs (including the Freedom Planet series), I just wanted to show my appreciation for the excellent design method and character development. Your android design has an incredible cleanliness to it, even when going in deep with details. The designs in this series are great and I will keep watching and supporting your work as I can! Here's to continued and greater success with Electric Hearts!
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A very interesting setting.
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Also, explain why humans created ANIMAL inspired robots, and what those robots think about the choice.
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Make sure you have a story that other people will care about.
Fire-Link's avatar
Hey how do you plan on telling the story?
MiniPhoenix28's avatar
Will the Androids from SYNC project be coming back? I really liked the design of hazel.
onebehindthemonitor's avatar
any chance you would talk more about the art style? like, you use a lot of white and blue, with hints of yellow-orange. is there a significance in that? or when there are deviations? you have several characters that are almost entirely white and orange as well. are there lore reasons for the color schemes? what about other design qualities. asside from the function of the droid, are there other considerations you make when designing one?
Valronic's avatar
so...is it a comic or what?
runewuff's avatar
Go for it! Hey, I got ancient ideas myself, the trick is to let them age like fine wine, but don't overcook them - it's a balance! I love the style of these characters, I've searched for similar things, there don't seem to be any! It's all you.
Charanty's avatar
So tell us, do anrdoids dream of electric sheep?
Surzsha's avatar
Wow, and I thought me having a project in conceptual limbo for a little over a decade was bad, but with you having your idea around for twice as long I guess I feel less alone in taking so long to get things done. Though, my main problem is that I'm always dissatisfied with whatever I can come up with. Even if I can get a whole chapter written out, later on I can't help think that it's not good enough to start with and toss a whole week's/month's worth of work in the trash for the tenth time.

But hey, I'm glad to see you're taking some steps into getting your work done by making your to-do list public. Can't wait to see how this idea of yours turns out! There's not enough robot anthro animal-based stories out there.
TysonTan's avatar
Me too. I have already plotted many storylines with different character as the protagonist. But those works made the support characters fleshed-out, so I think my effort did not go in waste.
aRBy125's avatar
Definitely some interesting looking designs.  I'll be keeping an eye on both of these projects of yours! :)
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