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[Youtube Archived] First Art Stream

VOD archived:

My first art stream will be on:
UTC +8 / SUN / JUN 24 / 10:00
CST / SUN / JUN 24 / 10:00
EDT / SAT / JUN 23 / 22:00
PDT / SAT / JUN 23 / 19:00
See you then!
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Do you work for Krita?
......I thought this will be held in 2019......I missed it......
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What Font do you use?
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I'm so glad you're still doing art. Just asking though, what platform of social media are you still active in?
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Hi, I'm now using Krita myself but I can't seem to get any of my krita art onto my account as krita don't seem to be recognised, could you help me out please? 
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Do you save the finished pic as png?
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By default, Krita and almost every other app save their WORKING FILE as their own special format. For example, Krita uses .kra files while Photoshop uses .psd files. They cannot be opened by general web browsers and image viewers, so you need to export them to portable format, like .jpg and .png files.

In Krita, you can export your picture by:
Menu > File > Export > Files of type (droplist on the dialogue's bottom): 
Choose: JPEG image or PNG image.
JPEG image is a lossy compression format. I suggest you use quality over 90.
PNG image is a lossless compression format. You can just use it by default settings.

I suggests you consult Krita's manual in the future. It will teach you everything about digital art.
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Are you still doing streams by any chance?
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I will. I'm wrapping up real world problems. Once I'm ready, I will be back.
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I can relate. Glad to see you're still alive and kicking! Got a little concerned for a while.
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1wt interesting
Great to see you making a video! So excited to see the latest one!
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I love the look of this. That design of what I am presuming is you is super neat. 
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Heck! I missed it!

Followed so that hopefully this shall be rectified next time you stream~
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I missed you Tyson!

I need more of your art in my life
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Just a suggestion Tyson, it would be a good idea to either stream on youtube instead of Twitch or have the chat visible on the stream so that people can see what you're reacting to. Its not a big problem or anything, just might make things less confusing when uploaded to youtube.
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Yay, your back :)
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I think you meant to say that to Tyson? ^^;
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I can't access to YouTube without a proxy. My proxy is not stable enough to handle a livestream. I will ovelay chat to my videos once I figured it out. But right now, I can't do it with the broken OBS plugins under Linux. I will try both on another time.
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Oh I see, no worries! I hope you figure out how to do it for next time!!
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Perhaps you know the, as far as I know, current laws of China regarding Youtube. That's probably why he'd need a proxy for it.
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Could be, anyway he hasn't streamed since, which is a shame
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