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The mayor and her hound

By TysonTan
This is a fanart
This is a fan crossover of Zootopia and Animal Crossing New Leaf, featuring Isabelle as Bellwether's assistant. Isabelle can be quite scary because of how capable and loyal she is. Under Bellwether's order, she is going to be a formidable enemy of Judy and Nick. The background setting is Isabelle has been working with Bellwether since her campaign for mayor of the small rural town Newleaf, and has been her most trusted assistant and bodyguard.
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The title reminds me of The mayor and the crook by aesop rock...

No more pencils, no more books
I built the city out one brick
It had a mayor and a crook
I made the crook stab the mayor then slay himself in the guilt
I stole the brick back and migrated east, now, let's build
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Awesome Isabelle design
It seems kind of odd that Bellwether would trust a predator with her life, considering how anti-predator she was before.
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I like Isabelle in every way.
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my friend, Isabelle is so sexy and cool and Bellwether is so cute!.
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But Isabelle's just a puppy!
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I got in animal crossing and it's sorta the same height as the character as a 30 year old
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It's somewhat the same height as isabelle
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What's the same height as Isabelle?
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The main character if it's 30 year old
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But the main character is also a kid. Everyone is, except for Tom Nook and a few others, like the turnip lady.
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But what about Blanche she said "I was in a TV show because of my singing voice"
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I love those two, even if I never played Animal Crossing. But I believe Bellwether and Isabelle would be good friends.
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Okay, this crossover wakes wayyy more sense than I'd thought.
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I looked at this and thought it was more "not a hero" than anything else, with Bellwethers assistant replacing the amazing bunnylord and isabelle replacing Kimey the katana run and gunning assassin.
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What's the height of Isabelle 
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How would I know, everyones the same height in animal crossing.
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Except the squirrels
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SO TOTALLY SEXY^^ Love her outfit and her blade :heart:
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pay for pubric works..
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This is interesting
A good looking hound Meow :3 
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Remind me to not get on her bad side. 😰😰😰😰😰😰
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