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The Krita Mascot



Project: Krita, free and open-source digital painting software krita.org/
Character: Kiki the Cyber Squirrel
, the mascot of Krita
This is the early design of Kiki, before she was properly named and gaining her pink color. This version was used in the introduction booklet of Krita 2.6.

Artist's comments:
(2017-07-31) When I first used Krita 2.4 back in 2012, I thought its UX design was very smart, but the software itself was slow, unstable and lack of feature. I tolerated those problems, mostly because of Richard M. Stallman's teaching. 5 years later, Krita is now a powerful tool. Without it, some of my works could not have been finished as high quality as they were. Krita has covered a lot way, so has its mascot Kiki and me. I really appreciate its developers for building, and its community for supporting such amazing free software tool for artists.

(2013-02-17) Clean up, reworked outline, a few modification on the clothes, description update.

(2013-01-02) The mascot character I designed for Krita the free and open source digital painting application. This character is a squirrel android, the choice of her species was inspired by Krita's community discussion. I haven't named her yet, but feel like to name her "Krystine".

Around May 2012 I left Microsoft Windows and other proprietary software altogether and went GNU/Linux. Since then Krita has been my main primary drawing program. It has an innovative user interactive design and a powerful natural brush system. If you are a GNU/Linux user, Krita should be available from your software center. There is also an experimental build for Windows users. Check out Krita's website krita.org/ to find out how to get it.

:icondeevad: David has made many tutorials and resources for Krita, available on his website www.davidrevoy.com/ . If you are new to Krita, make sure to visit his place for some useful tips and brushes!
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this Kiki looks different than today. they doesn't have the iconic ears.