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SYNC prologue

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Project: Electric Hearts (formerly SYNC)
This prologue introduces the basic world setting of SYNC series.
I'm very sorry that this piece comes out so late...
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Very interesting story, this can be use to make a 《Detroit: Become human》 type game.
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Wait......so there is no actual humans left?Or they have been changed into Androids?
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VexusArzxisHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was so curious about yourSYNC Project. Now I know the story of it and its extremely interesting <3 .

I should read more captions.
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I'm still wondering, why they did not create cryogenic chambers, knowing that they have technology to build machines with human agility and maintain the legacy of human evolution. Just saying, i like this tecno stuff.
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Tigerboy29Hobbyist Artist
Thank for fave Tyson, but you have problem, Sam and Niko make the new video is called Sync, check it out Tyson.[link]
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looks like a hard . . . but nice future xD

my fav part of this is the timeline, it really help understanding the evolution process =3
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Strike-artStudent Digital Artist
You actually got me interested! I'll be expecting more...
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Here's my version:
So, the year is sometime in the future, and the sun has been blocked from the earth for one reason or another, maybe it was pollution, or maybe the earth just flung out of orbit. Either way, stuff got really cold and people had to move underground in these giant civilizations that were for some reason already there. Well, things didn't go so well down there. Rather than working on how to get a stable food and water supply, scientists decided to make everybody robots. Then someone was all "hey, why don't we make everyone anthros?" Apparently the scientists were furries because they agreed. So everybody turned into anthro robots. Conveniently, a few days after that happened, the sun decided to shine again and then everybody was happy again. But they were robots. And anthros. In the future. WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT?
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Well,if this story happened in 《The Wandering Earth》 novel......that might be interesting.
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That's a very interesting origin for the SYNC series. Very plausible. Something like this could actually happen!

However, I sort of disagree with the whole "built in factories" thing. I doubt humans will give up sexuality and traditional reproduction so easily, so maybe they could perhaps use nanobots in place of sperm and eggs instead of being built in a factory?

Just a thought...

Anyways, I really am interested in your SYNC series. It looks like it would be such a good story! Please, keep up the good work, and I really suggest that you publish this story. I bet tons of people will buy them! I know I would!
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Sad that Cloud doesn't have the luxury of being with the rest of the SYNC crew anymore...I keep daydreaming about him finding some inter-dimensional portal or something stupid like that just so he can be in the SYNC series.
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amazing concept! a great story to adapt to a movie! i really like your drawings and the superb technology behind them absolutely flawless!
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FakeKraidHobbyist Writer
Sounds neat. Best of luck with your work on this setting; it's got some compelling points to it.
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Worth The Wait.
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kristelldrawsStudent Traditional Artist
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Great! Did you use the theory by philosiphers "AM I an Andriod?"
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leviathenProfessional Digital Artist
i want more!~!
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Very nice prologue and quite touching
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It would be very ironic that in the future humans evolved into furries? :XD:

If I ever had a great,great,great,great,great, great,great offspring of some sort. I wonder what sort of animals they would be.
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The story is so great! :)
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VanoNTPHobbyist General Artist
good one ^____^
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Frazzled-NiyaHobbyist Digital Artist
really like the second page from the left.
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Amazing. over critical type, I hope you dont mind but: even if these situations sped up evolution, 300 years is only 4 human life spans...Everything could be stretched out...just a little bit more.
Also, Rised should be changed to Risen, but that doesnt matter much.

But an amazing piece. I hope you continue your work on the series. I love it.
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Wow this is so awsome and yet another dimension>story world, that I would want Ziojin to explore and learn about.
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