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SYNC: Heatwo the Robot Rabbit



Project: Electric Hearts (formerly SYNC)

SYNC characters are mostly robotic androids based on anthropomorphic animals.
All contents showed in this picture and its description may be changed in future development.

NAME: Heatwo Ivy
COLOR: White / Black / Orange
JOB: CEO / Superhero

fav.me/d36bqnp A renewed design sketch with detailed information: fav.me/d36bqnp

Heatwo is the CEO of Summer Palace Public Logistics Organization.

Since the police is limited to use small arms only, they are often out fired by well prepared criminals. Heatwo enjoys playing a self-proclaimed superhero with a illegally modified high performance body and weapons to help the police. However, he often cause more damages than the criminals, therefore the police does not like him.

His original appearance is black base, and he disguises himself white as a superhero and call himself HT. However most of his friends recognized him at their first glance.

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I love the colors! I'm a big fan of your previous artwork and i really love this one it's got such a good flow of colors and a very beautiful body shape that flows into each other part of the body and i love the giant hands that it's got, does it have control of the hands too? Well anyway I think it's just an amazing piece of art and i really enjoy the reflective floor underneath it and I think it's just great but the one problem I have with it is that the ears are too big compared to the head and the legs are just a tad bit too thick for the rest of the body but otherwise it's just perfect.