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October 9, 2009
Vestige by =extvia "When I think about the future, and the robot technology improving day by day images like this one come to my mind. In a not so far future, robotic animals will walk among us. =extvia's design is gorgeous and has a charming touch that keeps a spark of life on a robot without soul. Amazing job!"
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SYNC: Fox and Vestige



Project: Electric Hearts (formerly SYNC)

SYNC characters are mostly robotic androids based on anthropomorphic animals.
All contents showed in this picture and its description may be changed in future development.

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I really like the refreshing, peaceful feel to this piece in the scenery!

The colours compliment each other, the bright grass and the teal mountain! The details in the floating dandelion piece, rocks, background forests and ruins harmonize so well!
You can almost feel the soft breeze here.

I also like the contrast from technology to nature, Cloud's posture, how he can enjoy the environment!

A modern creation near ancient ruins, they contrast so brilliantly, and its a magical feel how these two vastly different worlds can fit together so well.

I don't have really have anything to say on what you could improve on. Maybe more of the brook would be nice or more detail in some of the flowers.

I really want to learn the whole story behind this cool and tranquil piece!