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SYNC: Faye the Robot Rabbit



Project: Electric Hearts (formerly SYNC)

SYNC characters are mostly robotic androids based on anthropomorphic animals.
All contents showed in this picture and its description may be changed in future development.

NAME: Faye Freesia
COLOR: White / Blue / Gray
JOB: Navigator and air guard of convoys.

Faye [fei:] is one of the new recruits of convoy navigators.

At SYNC era, GPS-like systems are not available because all satellites were destroyed in the disaster of Babel Crisis. As the Earth being covered by snow, it's extremely difficult to locate themselves and the weather is also uncertain. Navigators are androids who can fly, collecting location and weather data for their convoys.

When the marauders attacking convoys became a problem, navigators also work as moving sentinels to give their column early warning. As a result, they often got attacked first and involved in battles defending the convoys. Since civilians are forbidden to access to professional weaponry, the loss of navigators was fearsome to know. Later the united congress passed laws that allow navigators to be armed as a part of militia.

Faye was one of the very first generation of navigators who are initially designed and built as fighters. She has a set of feather shaped self-flight and remote controllable module system which can be used as observation devices and weapons. She also equiped a new designed anti-gravity system which could be the most advanced at that time but she could not release its full potential yet.

Faye is a optimistic girl, and dreams to become an athlete of N1 race. She may look slight but acts kind of clumsy and always break something unintentionally because of her monstrous strength. She came from the family "Fressia" which famous of producing flying rabbit androids.

Her former name was Ciel Freesia, which I found it problematic because of Megaman Zero series. So I planned to change her name. Later I designed a character similar to her original appearance who has the design codename VY. At the end I decided to use VY instead of Ciel, and choose a somehow more common name Faye with the same pronunciation.

A set of free vector brush is used to help creating the background, but I forgot where did I download it from... and I couldn't use it well so the quality is somehow inconsistent.

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Really great, white Fox is my favorit. Nice work !