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SYNC: Azure the Robot Rabbit

By TysonTan
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Project: Electric Hearts (formerly SYNC)

SYNC characters are mostly robotic androids based on anthropomorphic animals.
All contents showed in this picture and its description may be changed in future development.

NAME: Azure Hazel
COLOR: Black / White / Deep blue
JOB: Police officer (SWAT)

Azure is the captain of the SWAT of Summer Palace Police Department. With his strong charisma he bind his fellows together, known as the one of the best police team in the world. He is a cool guy and doesn't talk much. Always focus on his duty, never show off.

He came from the "Hazel" family which produced numerous famous police model. By changing his parts, he can adjust himself to optimize for various missions.

His family name "Hazel"is from the great animal novel "Watership Down". But this is an original character and his own story, anyway. :b

:icontremault5: kindly gave me good advice to fix this picture, which was filled many funny mistakes when it was just released. Thank you very much.
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I don't know if you do this already, but it would be cool to see robot versions of other animals like cats, bears, squirrels, I dunno... Stuff like that. I really like the way you in incorporate the robot style with the rabbits and foxes. Maybe you could add other abilities or add-ons to the robot animals. It would be cool to see jetpacks or grapple hooks on the animals. I really liked the Kingdom Hearts Oswald! Maybe do more art like that. You could even try something completely different. I really enjoy your work. I hope you like my ideas!
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TysonTanProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! When I finish building the world and story, I will work on the variations of the characters and their abilities in detail. While I want to add more possibilities to my characters, I will also try not to make them look like their abilities are add-ons. I prefer to integrate those ability into their design. That's very difficult, but I find it interesting to try.

I will focus on drawing original robotic anthro characters, so there won't be many new pictures like Oswald. But I will try my best to bring more interesting design!

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Cool! He's like the edgier version of Cloud white. Wonder if they could be potential rivals?
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Pokebreeder25Student Traditional Artist
now i want an oc of this.
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mjt410Hobbyist Artist
HOLY MOLY! Dude this is amazing!!!!! Keep up is epic work
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well, its rlly great! but no offense, i thought it was a girl when i first saw it. but i also think it would be cool to make other animals
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Do you mind if I use this for RP? (I'll credit you. :3)
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Is the 3d model that is available ? ? 
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VexusArzxisHobbyist Traditional Artist
I just created an account just to comment on your artworks! You inspire me very much with all of your art! I'm going to make similar ones on paper first since I'm a noobie.
ADORABLE! La la la la 
PERFECT COLORS!:happybounce: 

And of course unique, cool and AWESOME! \m/ >w< \m/

I'm looking forward in dwelling and gawking in your page for a looooong time haha Meow :3 
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kittensandchillHobbyist Traditional Artist
he's a cutie
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You rulez dude!
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TenvianRabbitHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man these are sooooo cool!
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When will anthropomorphic animal robots actually exist? Seriously can you imagine having a robotic friend who is this cool! Also love your art it is splendid! 
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AbetwabeProfessional General Artist
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So cute and badass at the same time
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hello. i have two question:

1. when is gonna came up the comic?
2. asure is gonna be in this comic?
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skullcrusher1997Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Like the style
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EptioDaHibrydHobbyist Artist
If it had fur and didn't have the gun pointing at my face I would hug this
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Did you use krita for this one too?
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WIt do you have a comic for this is so tell me were i can read it
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TysonTanProfessional Digital Artist
There will be a comic and I'm preparing it.
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:3 yes anime robot bunnies with fabric criminals with advance pmc gear and !METAL gears here we come
xenomega101's avatar
Robo rabbits seems they made by corpations with advance robotics and weapons to fight crime
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