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Owlboy Otus Expression Study 02

By TysonTan
This is a fanart
This is a fanart of the indie action game Owlboy….

Owlboy does most of its cut scenes in-engine, which means the characters have full body expressions going on in the conversation. The protagonist Otus is a mute, and thus all his feelings must be conveyed through facial and body gestures. I was quite impressed by that and used him as the base to study different expressions. All the expressions shown here is the scale up version of his in-game version, with design tweaks of my Oasis style.

This is the 2nd picture of the expression set. The first one can be viewed here:
Owlboy Otus Expression Study 01 by TysonTan
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Beautiful drawing and a fantastic interpretation of Otus! Really cool! I love the character! And you view of it is really cool!
btw, what you think happens to him in the end?
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these look grand :D
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My estimates for the Expressions (Left to right)
*Pant* Pant* Okay... I'm calling uncle here...
(The last two I can come up with nothing for...)
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my friend, Owlboy is so cool, his poses are nice!.
DeadCobra's avatar
He is dying?
dragonarcher89's avatar
heh, this made me curious about the game XD

love ur stuff btw X3
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Damn, every single one of them is awesome, even the former post, expressions and details are well represented from the game if you ask me, and details are as wonderful as always (I've been following you for a long time but never commented on your artworks :p)

Also, I won't comment on every single thing you posted so I'm saying this already:

Nice art dump xD
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its fandom died in 24 hours

worlds quickest fandom death
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What made you think like this? O.o Fandom is sadly small, yes, but since when it "died"? I am very alive fan of this game and I not planning to go anywhere. :)
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In my opinion: 10 years of development time was a perfect material for writing news articles. Every gaming media and game critique was milking on that fact. Owlboy had rarely seen media coverage for its type that attracted much attention from unknowing people. However, while the game was solid and beautiful for its kind, the design, including gameplay character, was very conservative. It probably couldn't satisfy the general audience's taste, which has been spoiled by spicy designs for years. Owlboy was probably too clean, too pure for this cruel and crazy world. The impact of its ending though, was its brightest shinning point.
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unless youre the guys who made the last guardian
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