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Owlboy Otus Expression Study 01

By TysonTan
This is a fanart
This is a fanart of the indie action game Owlboy….

Owlboy does most of its cut scenes in-engine, which means the characters have full body expressions going on in the conversation. The protagonist Otus is a mute, and thus all his feelings must be conveyed through facial and body gestures. I was quite impressed by that and used him as the base to study different expressions. All the expressions shown here is the scale up version of his in-game version, with design tweaks of my Oasis style.

This is the 1st picture of the expression set. The second one can be viewed here:
Owlboy Otus Expression Study 02 by TysonTan
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Otus' expressions give me life. Thank you for drawing them XD
I love Otus! One of my favourite indie characters, i can relate to him somewhat. Always trying to proof himself
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Do you think he dies in the end?
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these look great :D
awesome art work
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My estimates on his expressions (Clockwise)
Hey, this is pretty good!
Ugh... My head...
uhwah! Don't kill me!
It...It can't end like this! Why?...
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my friend, Owlboy is so adorable, his poses are good ^^.
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I wish this was the original art :heart:
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As a lover of owl boys... ILOVEIT
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Owlboy is love! Also nice touch adding the game's logo to the bottom of his shoes!
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