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My Rabbit Mascots



Mascot Mania Series
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About the Characters
LAN and Lei are Robotic rabbits, they are brother and sister.
Lan’s ears resemble the city flower of my hometown “Yulan”
Lei’s ears resemble flower bud ( Chinese: Lei ) and hatched eggs.

They were my entry of the mascot contest of Chinese International Animation Fair which hosted in my hometown, Dongguan. But despite of the successful delivery of the mail, they never confirm my entry and the preparation of the whole fair was so messed up that I'm disappointed. I will save these two for myself.

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I think these rabbit mascots will be perfect for the Chinese Olympics. Tell, me where did you come up with these rabbits. Lan and Lei are wearing Chinese clothing. He is red and orange, and Lei is wearing blue and green which reminds me of the chariot racing factions, the Blues and the Greens. Currently, I am working on a animated film called Hopstinianus: The Last Roman, basically it's based on the life of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The plot was interprets his humble beginnings when he was just a farm boy to an Emperor, ready to conquer the world.