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My Olympic Mascot 2



Mascot Mania Series
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^^^There is a new version!

About the Chracters
This is Lingxi, a dolphin girl. On the right side is her 12, and on the left her 18. She was a sick girl when she was a child, but she refuse to accept the fate and tried to change, forcing herself to do a lot of exercise. Years later she finally grew up as a healthy and beautiful girl, and also a famous gymnast.

She was originally one of the mascots I sent to take part in Beijing Olympic mascot contest, 6 years ago. I was suck back then so there is no chance for me to qualify. Now it has been 6 years since I drew her, and my little dolphin girl is surely grow up, so I decide to see what 6 years can do :3

This version is different to the one I sent to the contest which is a typical mascot proportion. She is hot in this picture, because I just wanted to draw her grown up version. ^^b

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Your technique is very nice to look at. I see you have some great skill at color rendering. The shadows and highlights used really make them look fantastic. Plus, your style is very refined and clean. The facial expressions are don in a very cute and whimsical way. And I like the blurring effect on the taller one's leg to show depth. You have good talent and I hope you continue to produce work of this caliber.
And on a personal note, I think they're adorable! The red and white color scheme used is very good together. And incorporating the flames into their persona is a clever touch. Very good overall. Good design, technique and execution of colors! I love this piece!