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My Dolphin Girl



Project: Oasis Days
Lingxi the Dolphin girl at her 10 and 18. She was born with initial fire element which is very rare as a dolphin. As a result she was a sick girl when she was a child. But she refused to accept her fate and worked very hard to exercise. When she's 18, not only she became very strong but also a powerful user of the Qi energy. Normally she hides her power but she is just too strong that the energy escape from her body forms aura around her.

She is very polite and gentle, but a little too natural and careless. She manages the library of her town and fights the monster which attacks the town. Children like her very much as their idol.

This character based on my once entry of 2008 olympic mascot contest. fav.me/d3fn7w9

I used a new (or old) coloring style on this picture. Hope you like her new appearance!
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Seeing the crisp lines and higher color
contrast makes me feel giddy and happy!

Added details on the qipao suit and the
traditional qipao is a plus for the returning
viewer! Making it even more worthwhile
to admire...

The shading adding tone to her body
is soo sexy! It adds an illusion of
firmness to her athletic build, kudos
to you for knowing what a swimmer's
body type would look like!

(although on professional level, more muscular!)

Background adds an interesting overall
appearance, making the whole value to
this art piece at $60 as a starting bid!

I'm happy about this updated artwork!
Which now reminds me to beg you to
open for commissions!