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Mirrors Edge of Zootopia

By TysonTan
This is a fanart
This is a fan crossover of Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Zootopia, featuring Faith Connors as a kitty thief working under Duke. This version of Faith is nothing like the original. She is just a rebellious teenager who steals nighthawlers for Duke for some extra cash. Judy and Nick are about to teach her a lesson.
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Nice. Mirror's Edge is a beautiful game.
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For those of you who just clicked on this deviation: I want you to simply contemplate this for, say, about a day.

Anyways, Tyson, all jokes aside, your artwork is exceptional.

Keep up the good work! 😉
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Duke? With a lackey? I can't believe it.
Mr-Kuroon's avatar
Now THAT would be an interesting mod for 'Mirrors Edge' !

This art serriously ROCKS !!!
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i just can't stop and looking at it is so beautiful.

comment before faving.
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my friend, Faith is a cute thief! ^^.
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Love how she wears shoes in frickin zootopia.
Axe-Canabrava's avatar
the colors are just so tastyyyy
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
How creative and interesting! Yeah nice work!
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Faith looks absolutely AWESOME! OwO I LOVE her!
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This is really great
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A Zootopia version of Mirror's Edge?

I would play the heck outta that
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