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Mirrors Edge Catalyst of Zootopia



This is a fanart
"Duke! There is a bunny cop chasing me up here!"
"Oh that, a lot has changed since you were away. Good luck!"
Faith is going nowhere on the roofs of Zootopia today.

This is a fan crossover between Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Zootopia, featuring Faith Connors as a kitty thief working under Duke. This version of Faith is nothing like the original. She is just a rebellious teenager who steals nighthawlers for Duke for some extra cash. Judy and Nick are about to teach her a lesson.

In this setting, I imagined Faith to be caught by Judy and Nick at the end of this chase. They played good cop bad cop, and sent her to the detention center. And since Faith didn't have reasonable parents, Judy tried to take care of her but Faith eventually took off. When she was with Judy, Faith witness the corruption inside the government that makes it impossible for good cops like Judy to do their job. Faith decided to do something. She began using her acrobatic skills to take photos of illegal deals by the big names, and thus evolved from a thief to a fighter of justice of her own style. She leaks clues to Judy and Nick sometimes, leading them to the crime scene.
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Seems like Nick isn't a fan of parkour