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Madeline from Celeste


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Character  Madeline (Celeste)


Redraw on 2023-05-19 of an old piece from 2019-02-11. You can find the old version here: twitter.com/TysonTanX/status/1…

This is Madeline from Celeste, an indie action platformer. Celeste was one of the few (less than 5) games I actually finished in recent years. Great gameplay, relatable story, likable characters, beautiful visuals and incredible music. Truly a journey I'd never forget. A recent revisit of the game prompted me into redrawing this old piece.

The composition remained the same as the old version. But the idea has been executed more thoroughly and competently this time around, I think.

Now, looking at it, I think the old one was a complete mess. Everything looks stiff and unappealing. What's worst -- I had no idea at the time -- I probably had a self-congratulating mood about it, even. 2018-2019 was truly the low point for me as an artist.
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Staying strong and upbeat during the climb. Very nice