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Libbie the Cyber Oryx

Libbie is my entry to the Libreoffice mascot contest. If you like her design, please give her a thumb-up in the survey, Thank you! >>…


Weeks of research. A month to draw all those 40 pictures. 39 of them never showcased by the organizer. New contest rules added later, dismissing Libbie like trash. My passion and hardwork meant nothing to them.

Libbie is now in public domain. You may use her for any purpose.


Spec: A4 300dpi each, transparent background
License: Creative Commons Zero (Public domain)…
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TysonTan: *Works hard make a character that was well designed and took maybe months or longer to make and think up with drawing included*

Some other Guy :*puts the Linux Penguin in cosply with random clothing*

TysonTan: *loses due to last Minute rule change*

Some other Guy: *wins by playing dress up with Linux Mascot due to rule change*

Me: *Load shotgun with righteous intent*

Really sad how Libbie Lost man I recently found her from a friend she is very fun to have around Libbie is best Orxy.

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Petal Crash brought me here!

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Love it! So digitized with style and always with a smile!

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Just know that Libreoffice will most likely never escape the haunting abyss of obscurity, since both Microsoft Office and the office apps by Google like Google Docs will be much more popular for a very long time.

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there's also so many other open source office suites. like KOffice. found that one from finding krita was bundled with it. krita is an open source art program with a furry mascot similar to libby

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That's such a shame. I love her design.

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I love the design. I can see why a company would feel it was inappropriate for an office suite, but Document Foundation was 100% in the wrong with the way they ran this contest. Given the backlash, lost opportunity to give their brand character, and the fact that most people use OpenOffice, I'd consider this a huge loss for them.
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Your art is amazing.  Someone out there is going to find your work and fall in love with it and use it for something cool and recognize your talent.
i feel so, so, so bad that libbie was never used. if i could find a place for her, i totally would...
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I'm looking at the comment section of the LibreOffice mascot contest and most of the comments are "WHERE IS LIBBIE!?!"
Considering how many people were asking the same question I find it very disingenuous that the host said Libbie didn't get enough votes.
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Libbie is a hero to me
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Your art makes me happy. I'm sorry to hear that others didn't see the artwork the people here see it, but don't give up! I know it's a disappointment and a frustration, but your work definitely meant something! I know how it can feel, but your hard work wasn't for nothing. It really meant a lot, even if not for the intended audience, it means something to a lot of other people.
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1st looks amaiazng
Your character will always be loved here by everyone. Don´t worry. I really love her concept design, she is very cute for real.
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I find it funny how after that disaster I haven't even seen their new "mascot". Probably realized how badly they screwed up and just ditched it altogether.
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This is unacceptable! There is no way this passion cannot be accepted by any reasonable body of organization! Thanks anyway for letting Libbie live in the public domain despite your hardship.
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Despite what happened I thank you for your great contribution to the commons! She's still a treasure to the world. :)
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I still love the character, despite others saying otherwise
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Oh. :( Sorry to hear that it didn't work out.

These make an awesome icon set for MS Office though. So there's that. XD
Absolutely stunning! Love I love everything about this character.

And I haven't even mentioned the best thing that you did! Thank you very, very much for contributing this beautiful work to the public domain.
Hey Tyson? I am a big fan of your work and i just want to say keep up the good work! I know you're very dissapointed that Libbie did not made it and by the time i posted this comment, you might have gotten over it and moved on. But, i want to say one thing, you had my full support! I know that it can be a blow to have your designs rejected, but you gotta strive on. This may seem glomy, but a lot of famous artists started out as rejects. Often more than they could count, their works are overlooked only to become famous later on. Who knows? Maybe Libbie will become the new chinese mascot for the olympics (don't laugh! It is possible.) I'm really not sure whether my comment could reach u or even whether you would check on it. But if you read this, i just wanted to say this from the bottom of my heart. You are  my newfound idol. Believe it or not, your anthro furry android creations as well as overall art's style are actually what i have been looking for ever since i was a little child. No, seriously! i waited sooo long for someone to create something like what you created for years. You had no idea how excited i was chancing upon your work via freedom planet fanart. I literally screamed like a little girl (i don't like to show emotions, i'm very reserved). i'm actually clueless on how deviantart operates (i'm not even an artist!). This is unfortunately the only way for me to thank you, so I'm really excited to wait for your comment and if possible, meet you in person one day! (Wanna see what you actually look like) 
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What program do you use to draw these
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