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Lan Ricewave the 1 hour fox android

Project: Electric Hearts
This was the result of a quick android design demonstration within 1 hour, on Chinese anime con YACA. The character was roughly based on the mascot of the event. "Lan Ricewave" was the name that came first in my mind when I was typing the description, so this is her placeholder name for now.
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Tyson, Your Art I Amazing,
I Love How You Put Precise detailing To Your Work , I Love The Whole Concept And Even The Name,
I Aspire To draw Like You When I'm Older And Try To Make A Career Out Of Art.
I Understand That This Is A Quick Piece, But I Like How This Came Out,
I Quite Like It.
I'm Trying To Start Digital Art Soon In High School, I'm Only A Traditional Artist That Draws A Lot Of Furry's , But My Art Is Far From Perfect, I Need Much Practice,
I Know This Is A Critique, But I Think I Went A little far With My Explanation.
Just Know I Like This Very Much.
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Honestly, when one writes a critique, one needs to explain WHAT was done well, HOW it was done well, and HOW/IF it could be improved.
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good morning my friend, Lan Ricewave, she's so cool, her pose is nice.
I like the combination of modern pants with old traditionnal Chinese sleeves. Those give a bit of "symmetry" with her hears.
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Really nice ?
Is that a normal artwork, or is that coming from something ?
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Wow this looks tight! Nice job drawing this~
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She looks like a mix between a pharoah and a princess, I love it.
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She looks so pretty and I love how you made the shadings <3
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