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Krita Free Painting App Tutorial


Project: Krita, free and open-source digital painting software
Character: Kiki the Cyber Squirrel, the mascot of Krita

2014-07-25: Source file has been made available. Please feel free to translate this tutorial into your native language!
2014-07-23: Shortcut chapter update, Typography improvement.

As requested, I'm sharing my Krita experience here as a
comprehensive, 24 pages tutorial. This tutorial shows how I created a
new picture of Kiki (the mascot) for Krita 2.9 startup splash, covering
many Krita related know-how such as:

  • Brushes of choice
  • Customizations
  • Layers
  • Ruler assisted drawing
  • Transformation
  • Mask
  • My 2 drawing strategies
  • and more!

I hope this tutorial helps. Good luck and happy drawing with Krita!

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TysonTan has been holding the flag of Krita since years, and looking at his latest pictures done with this free drawing software, no one can doubt it is possible to do professional-looking art without Photoshop or SAI that can cost hundreds if not a thousand dollars. Tysontan here shows us the tricks and tips of Krita, and since I recently decided to give it a try, I'm more than happy to see all the most important aspects covered in this beautifully written tutorial. Of course it is always a pain in the rear to start working with a new program which can maybe do the same things as the one you used before, but the shortcuts, icons are different, the tools can be differently named, etc. In this tutorial you can find how-to instructions on using the basic tools like selecting, color picks, layers and their properties, coloring tips and more. And who else could you give a better insight than an artist who's been obviously using it with professionalism for years?

So, all the fellow artists who don't want to spend hundreds on good graphic software but need something more than Microsoft Paint, dig through this tutorial and check out the links! And show love and support! Donations are welcome by the team ^^
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Amazing tutorial !!. Thanksss
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Thank you for the review! I hope Krita serve you well. Happy painting! :)
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you guys rock, love krita. nice toturial

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awesome tutorial owo)b

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All links for sources are broken :/ 
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It's so wonderfully doneee, :+fav:
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The source files look really interesting, but they are no longer available. Is there any other link to that material? It'd be great to be able to study them.
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As someone who recently switched to Linux, I really appreciate this :)
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I've recently downloaded Krita about a couple months ago and I do love it! But at the moment i'm struggling, I'm normally used to drawing on Medi bang paint pro and Photoshop CS6 and at the moment I'm not able to find an option to "clip" layers. I'm also having trouble with blending, whenever I use a paint brush (or really any blending tool) and want to blend some skin color the line art layer above it gets mixed with the colors below. Is there a way to stop this? Am I missing something?
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How come when I try to post a Krita drawing on Deviantart, it won't let me choose any category? and I can't post the drawing. 
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You need to use Menu > File > Export, save the file as JPG or PNG.
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got that, thank you
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This really helped me out! Thanks! ^w^
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I have a question. Ive already finished my painting/drawing, but I'm having trouble uploading it to social media like deviant art and such. The file isnt supported because the picture is a .kra file and I don't know how to save it as any other file type. Please help, this is really troubling for me!
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Menu->File->Export->Name the file *.jpg or *.png.
Do not check "Embed sRGB/ICC Profile" box.
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Thank you for this! I love Krita, it's awesome AND free! :D <3
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hi is there a way you can make this into a pdf and book format?
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I have a quick question about the download. Is it a safe download? Many art programs I try to download are always stopped due to it not being safe for my PC. I even had trouble downloading GIMP for the longest time. If it is, I would be happy to download it and use this tutorial to learn more about the basics of the program.
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Download software from their official website. Like and They work fine for me as they always have been. Don't get them anywhere else.

If it was "many art program" having trouble downloading on your PC, you should instead:
1. Check if your antivirus software is legit.
2. Check if there is a middle man between your PC and your ISP who is monitoring, or worse, manipulating the datastream of your internet connection.
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How would you check if there is a 'middle man'?
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Okay...thank you. I actually downloaded Krita from their official website, and it works fine! I had no trouble downloading it, but it was on my new PC rather than my laptop.
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