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Konqi ver.2

By TysonTan
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Project: KDE, free and open-source software community
Character: Konqi,
mascot of KDE and other KDE Dragons, mascots of the KDE Community
Konqi the little dragon is the mascot of KDE, a free and open source software community since 1996. It hosts projects from software frameworks, desktop environment to various applications. My primary digital painting tool, Krita, is one of their work.

This is my re-design based on Stefan Spatz’s former one. If you are interested, also see my initial design vision when I won the re-design contest.

Now the design has been refined, giving Konqi a cuter face, less sharp-looking antlers, longer, meaty limbs to do various poses and a more elastically looking tail. The color palette received small tweaks to make the outlines look lighter. I’m going to need a long time to create all his friends though!

Download the larger size:

HUGE! Use Right-click > save as!

I hope you like my new design! :)

This collection of pictures is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA /GNU GPL / LGPL /GFDL. I hereby donate them along with the design concept to KDE, so there won’t be any copyright issues that might hold them back. (Just in case!)

Special thanks to Stefan Spatz, the original designer. I deliberately based my new design on his former one, showing the continuity of spirit.

Also, special thanks to Jos Poortvliet who requested me for stock pictures, leading to the creation of these pictures.

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I prefer this simpler artstyle over the original draft. I also like that with this design, you can easily customise the cute dragon. Its my kind of style!
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I'm curious, Tyson, is there a canon height for Konqi and friends? (Any measurement system is okay!) I'm currently drawing Konqi for a fan art project, and I want to be sure he's not disproportionately smaller than Kiki again.

Zoomed in screenshot of the sketch:…

Love drawing your characters, they're all so adorable and precious!
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Kiki has many variations with different body proportions. In any case, Konqi and Kiki share the same head size.
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Sounds like I made him too small again, in that case. :XD:

I can sketch a little reference sheet for myself knowing that, thanks TysonTan! This helps me with Kiki too.
The Konqi group is missing from the archive.…
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i love your kde mascot :3  please keep drawing happy chibi work 
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do you use a linux with a kde plasma5 desktop with krita ?
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No, I'm using Ubuntu Gnome 16.04, 99% of the time. Haven't yet tried KDE5, mostly because KDE4 didn't leave a good taste in my mouth. I also have Windows 10 to cross-test Krita bugs.
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Oh you where the one who drew the new style for the KDE Mascot? Awesome! Love your work!
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great work! waiting for more..... :-)
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you're a genius!!!
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Was always wondering who drew the mascot in the About dialogs, now I know :D
Absolutely awesome :)

EDIT: Oh, and you've worked on Freedom Planet and the main Krita art! I thought I recognized your style!
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I'd be cool if you could do this for android phones too. Really great job on the artwork!!
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Thank you! I think Google's bin android is really well done, though. They don't really need my input.
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I adore this character!
TysonTan's avatar
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I like!!!
I support Linux!
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Thank you, fellow GNU/Linux artist!
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This is really cute.
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thats freaking epic dude, btw i want to say that its bombTASTIC that you put your how you draw and the tool you draw with .. cause i was stalking a particular picture of yours jsut so i could find you :).. which i did today , aftera year of searching dude posted your other name o` affinity.

p.s. do you have a commision sheet // do commisions?
p.s.s. have you considered adding the technologies used in "lubuntu" to kde?

and , once again. thats freaking epic dude! can u pm me what art books you studied out of.. i want to be your prede-sessor :)
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Thank you!
My FA page was updated a year ago with new links to my current places.
 I'm not doing commission at the moment.
I'm not a programmer or even a KDE insider. These pictures were requested by KDE's new editor. If you want to request a feature, the best way is to file a wishlist bug report or post on their forum and IRC.
I haven't been reading many books on painting intensively, but I'm planning to do that later.
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He's so cute! ^^ Unfortunately I don't understand how to use Krita, 'cause it has a lot of different brushes that produce strange special effects and every brush has many settings that can be changed to change the effects. I just don't know what to do with all of this.
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Thank you! I have been suggesting the team to keep it simple, but I think some more professional users need more. Maybe re-grouping the basic brushes to the top of the brush preset list helps.
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