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Kiki's plastic model kit design sheet

Project: Krita, free and open-source digital painting software
Character: Kiki the Cyber Squirrel, the mascot of Krita
This is the design sheet for Kiki's plastic model kit. Compared to her earlier versions, this one have more Electric-Hearts-style details. The design was later realized by Japanese professional modeler Ryou-ichi Itou. Ryou sent me his first build of Kiki, and I took some photos and wrote an introduction article about it:…

I took some photos of Ryou's first build of Kiki's plastic model kit, with different angles and alternate pose.
Please click the photo below, I've included a gallery of other photos in its description:
Kiki's plastic model - Front view by TysonTan

Box art
The box art of Kiki's plastic model kit has the same design:
Kiki's plastic model kit box art by TysonTan

Krita's official site:
Kiki's page:
Krita dev's interview with Ryou:…
My introduction of the Kiki plastic model kit:…
Ryou's twitter 01:
Ryou's twitter 02:
Ryou's personal website:
Kiki model kit's order page:
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i love Kiki! <3

CaseyDecker's avatar

This reference sheet you've done of your character looks quite cute and adorable for sure! :D

Diva161's avatar
She so cute! I love her design.
GraviT-Fox162's avatar
Krita users, HANDS UP !!!!!!!!!!!
Willfire-Z-Tiger's avatar
Tohbohthefurby's avatar
Krita is my favorite drawing program! A MA  Z IN G D E S IG N
pctopgs's avatar
I'd like to study this but the download link is broken
RealIffyBog's avatar
Try a different browser.
Adry53's avatar
i love this too <3 super kawaii, extvia senpai <3
grayard's avatar
Wonderful, KAWAI XD
Takahashi-Haru's avatar
She is a squirrel?
Two-broke-fangirls's avatar
I knew I recognized her from somewhere! I occasionally use Krita when Sai is down~
AzureRat's avatar
Her design is nice.
Rafeal's avatar
I can say, I really love the way you design your characters. They have that cute seamless techno-organic mix to them. Great work.
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She is so cute!
bluewingfairy's avatar
good morning my friend, good style, Kiki is so pretty ^^.
Domiqueen13's avatar
When you actually use Krita and see this character. I love your art man, it's amazing!
JDIAZ1313's avatar
amazing character
KBABZ's avatar
Yesterday I found out that our work computers at Weta have Krita on them! So nice to see Kiki!
SweetDreamsMonkey's avatar
Dang it, I'm getting inspired! 8D
NeoNimbus526's avatar
Pretty adorable. 'Nuff said. ;3
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