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Goleo VII



Mascot Mania Series
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A fanart for the 2010 World Cup. Is there anyone here still remember Goleo VI [link] , one of the mascots of 2006 German World Cup? I did a fanart of him [link] but unfortunately he was so sleepy and didn't make it to the champion XD.

Now meet his son, Goleo VII ( Oh no they never made a official successor XD) Just for fun. Lion cubs are cute. I'm not a hardcore fan of soccer but I do enjoy some nice games.

And don't worry, Zakumi is coming too ^^

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Well this is impresive the creation of a mascot character of the past World Cup reminds me the fever of the Soccer is rising, see again this cute mascot with your style is amazing, the colors and the pose are lovely, a wonderful masterpiece for the collection you are making in times of the World Cup,

What can I say when you see such lovely figure, everywhere you go, it feels like you are going to the stadium and watch the game, when I look your performance is great and cute to see...

Congratulations Extvia. you do an amazing job...