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Goats of the 16th Asian Games



Mascot Mania Series
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These are the mascots of the 16th Asian Games, hosted in Guangzhou, China. My hometown Dongguan also assisted with the weight lifting arena. (Because the first Olympic medalist of weight lifting was a Dongguan Citizen)

About the Chracters
All these 5 characters are anthropomorphic goats. All names are pronounced in Madarin which sounds funny to me. So in the () I put the Cantonese pronunciation which may sound less awkward.

Yellow: Le yang yang (Loc Yung Yung), represents autumn harvest.
Blue: A Xiang (A Cheung) , represents the Pearl river flow across Guangzhou.
Red: A Ru (A Yuu), represents the kapok, city flower of Guangzhou.
Green: A Yi (A Yi), represents Baiyun mountain in Guangzhou.
Black: A He (A Wo), represents the traditional culture of Guangzhou.

[link] You can find some information on the official website.

They are not a copy of 2008 Beijing Olypic mascots, I think. Because there is a tale about five goat fairies helped the establishment of Guangzhou, and that's why they make the yellow one bigger in official design because he brought rice to people that were starving, which makes him the greatest XD.

So many sports events this year which brought us a dozen of mascots! Though I didn't have much time for the last group but I'm glad I had finally drawn them all! I hope you enjoy these series!

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