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Freedom Planet 1 Girls Speedrun Mix


Project: Freedom Planet 1: and Freedom planet 2:
FP1 girls Speedrun Mix! Help the speedrunners to this year’s SGDQ! Join the stream:…

Freedom Planet is a indie 2D action game developed by GalaxyTrail:
Lilac, Carol and Milla before Freedom Planet 1 was designed by Ziyo Ling.
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Now this seems like a another great piece on the animal trio of "Freedom Planet". At first glance this seems like alternate or original outfits created specifically for these three girls, but it is for your attempt to help the speedrunners to the SGDQ(Summer Games Done Quick). I really like the sports theme you placed in their outfits; for Carol she sports baggy shorts, pair of sneakers and a white t-shirt in order to emphasize the sport of skateboarding, for Milla she sports tights/tracksuit while holding the racing flag to represent track racing and Lilac sports a unique uniform that seems to symbolize field sports such as soccer/football while cooling herself off with water.

I like how you kept the girls' original color palette in their sport uniforms, though I see you removed Carol's forest green, Milla's gold and Lilac's red. The white dust under or by their feet is a nice touch as it shows that they are not simply posing, but are active and moving, engaging in their individual sport. I also think that the lack of outlines on them makes the picture/poster pop much more and can capture the viewers eyes. To me this picture represents joy, lively fun, invitation for sports, and perhaps friendly competition, things one should expect from sporty activities. Well done.
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This is what I call great character design and wonderful concepts to a new generation video game. These characters are colorful, full of action in the still frame motion. Even the background is simple yet gives dimension by using the font as a prop. The non-linear abstract coloring (no solid lines) is very well done using solid shapes and vibrate colors. The poses are even great and look well balanced from all angles. I've seen and played the game myself and it is full of wonderful sprites. This looked like it took a lot of time to do, but I can see that the details of the faces are kept in place when it comes to the expression of personality. I give this an overall 4.9 out of 5.
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...I looked up this image on Google, and my initial thought was "Wow, this guy draws the characters just like in the upcoming game!"
......Turns out, you DO draw the characters for the upcoming game.
*deep breath*
i wish i could draw like that.
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Looking good with that  typography.
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That looks like a blend of both designs for all three here.

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All three girls look quite nice in their stylish outfits for this picture you've done, and I especially love seeing Milla in her green outfit as well! :D
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Milla looks like a Grand Prix cheerleader. :) (Smile) 
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you ever masturbate to these characters
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I like those clothes you picked for them.
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"Rev it up! Ready... Set... GOO!!!!"

I recently downloaded the game. It was a burst of nostalgia from my childhood days when I was still playing "Sonic the Hedgehog" arcade game. I will support FP1 and 2, they're both amazing! Also, my most fave so far was Neera, she's so cool <3
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It is quite bnice
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Lookin' really good here^^ Awesome!
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AWESOME JOB TYSON! Let's see if you can redo THESE?
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Genial job! I love it!
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Excellent art, TT. Really gives a lot about their personalities.
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Truly wonderful. :)
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you are improving very quickly!
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