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Finn Dandelion

Project: Electric Hearts
Character: Finn Dandelion, a flying-squirrel android engineer
Finn Dandelion is a flying squirrel android. He is a bad-tempered engineer.

Artist's comment:
(2017-07-31) This is a study of how Finn looks from different angles. And so far, all my rodent boys have been bad-tempered. Before I designed Finn, the members of Dandelion family were Watership Down inspired, so they were fast runners. But considering Dandelion seeds fly with the wind, it's more appropriate to assign this name to a family with members that can fly.

See also:
The former Dandelion members:
Freedom Formula Bunny ver.SYNC by TysonTan SYNC: Dandelion the Rabbit by TysonTan
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Nice. Very slick, mechanical, and has some great contrast to the background. I love the look of the eyes. The head and body would look great as a silhouette. I love the cell shading. The robotic design looks great.

Overall: Amazing art! 
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This is a wonderful character design, adorable and elegant ! Well done!
alarso's avatar
Oh wow, this design is fucking amazing, everything is super perfect imo :)
WorryStone1's avatar
Wow! I think they wouldn't appreciate me calling them cute, though Sweating a little... 
SparadoxLabs's avatar
WOW that looks amazing 
He doesn't look like a bad tempered type to me. He kinda looks like a female.
In fact, i think he will look adorable when he throws a tantrum. Hehe!
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me recordo a batman
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
you could say he's squirrely
Fire-Link's avatar
Great work. How's things going?
L-James's avatar
your characters are so fun and cute, keep up the good work!!
bluewingfairy's avatar
my friend, Finn is a cool flying-squirrel, his poses are nice!.
K4nK4n's avatar
That's adorable!
JDIAZ1313's avatar
you art stile is very cool
Axe-Canabrava's avatar
After all these years I still envy your robot designs.
I saw the word "flying" then I saw "bad tempered" and it made me think of this:…
AndromedDemon's avatar
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Yeah! This is totally amazing and awesome at the same exact time! Keep doing more like this alright?
South-Williams's avatar
wow! I didn't know you still had him around.:D I LOVED his original rabbit design.^w^ It's really cool to see how far he's come from a messenger rabbit to a short-tempered engineer squirrel.^^
ChameleonScales's avatar
Wow man slow down with those posts, you're totally on fire ! Look even your username is starting to burn.
Your art is amazing as always.
LennyB8000's avatar
I wanna play an arcade game protagonized by him.
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