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By TysonTan
This is a fanart
Buneary >> Lopunny >> Mega Lopunny
I love drawing athletic figures. It gives characters strength and confidence.
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nice evo line love buniery line myself very awesome.

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1st form: plucky young teen

2nd form: sassy adult

3rd form: mature bad @$$

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Would it be alright if I used this art for some tabletop homebrew, with credit given to you as the artist?

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Cute to Badass. Badass Artwork with a hint of Cuteness in it :)
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The Buneary looks adorable.
dose this look more like a Digi-mon this way?
ComannderrX's avatar
Eh, not familiar enough with that series to say
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*looks at pic!* *sigh!* Stop it boner!
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Those athletic body is gorgeous...
AzureRat's avatar
Looks like the next generation if Pokemon decided to move away from being just Pokemon.
FK-Central's avatar
That's really awesome. Love the design of the outfits the most.
julian0123's avatar
Badass pictures :D
You seem to be drawing some sweet abs lately.

Please.  Continue.
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Very iinteresting interpretation/drawing!!!
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Omg this is so amazing, love lopunny and it fits so well!
Amazing job dude! :D 
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Now this is what i call a badass combo. Not only does the bunny pokemon retained her cute features she was well known for but you also managed to incorporate just plain strength; that's not something that a lot of artists could do. Hence, why i always find myself respecting you more and more with each cute artworks you've made.

Admittably, I'm not one for fem pecs but there's just something about this work that you did that made it kinda...natural and i can't figure out why. I do however love the getup you provided her with tho for each evolution. You can see the typical tights, tank tops and other sports attires but at the same time, you're able to make them unique in their own way. It kinda reminds me of the bizarre clothes athletes always wore during Olympic events.

Personally, I'm more of a Paint Tool Sai kind of person but because you kept on showering us with cel-shaded and concept-esque art work, i suppose i can give Krita a go.

Keep up the great work as always!

P.S.: After careful thinking, i realized she looks just like Twintelle from Arms. Whether if this was inspired from her or not, I'm not entirely sure but I'm definitely not complaining
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What an adorable re-imagination of Lopunny :)
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Can This Be Sold As A Print,
I Would Totally Buy I am a dummy! 
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my favorite, drawn by you?? What did I do to deserve ;___; so happy
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