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Cloud White Profile

By TysonTan
Project: Electric Hearts
Character: Cloud White, a shape-shifting rabbit android
This is a profile picture of Cloud White, with improved skull anatomy and more detail than the previous version, but the overall design remains the same.

Artist's comment:
(2017-07-31) This picture was part of my anatomy study on the skulls. This one is a finished version of what I initially posted on twitter. I really liked how all his detail turned out.

See also:
Cloud's earlier design sheet
Cloud White v4 by TysonTan
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Here Cloud looks like a female, just look at your eyes, face, head and body.

Can not be. You look at Cloud and you can't imagine that he is a male, and this also happens in other images, for example, in Cloud white ver 4, here anyone could think the same except his eyes. In Cloud white ver 5 also anyone could think the same and in Cloud white avatar too. So I do not understand

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Cute! Cute! Cute! Just really cute! 
^_< b 
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wow is beautiful
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Love this iteration, I remember your older versions and I think this Cloud has alot of character! :D
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She look like E-six
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A very good Android!
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my friend, he look nice, his pose is cool!.
What style and precision. You've got talent and passion
I have a really hard time to define this expression. He looks innocent, mischevious, playfull, thoughtfull, wise, observant ... and overall, enigmactic.
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I like how your combination of color turned out.
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Love the cute robot aesthetic, Its also interesting to know that artists study anatomy but seeing how the head is shaped I can see it!
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I never thought that Cloud could look this cool before! Maybe because the one who made him is also very cool? <--- No doubt!! <3 <3 <3
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Woah, this is really nice work. I'm obviously not qualified to critique, given that I see no flaws.
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